The Nature Of My Game

The Veterinarian who shot her neighbors cat.

The woman who shot a giraffe

Those guys who shoot ‘big game’ so they can take pictures of themselves with their ‘kill”.

You know who should pay them a visit?

My favorite character from the best Horror Movie Ever.

Meet Black Phillip.

Black Phillip

Black Phillip

In the movie Black Phillip is smarter then his prey, he’s got them cornered, he’s got them scared, and in the end they  don’t see him for what he is until it’s too late.

Plus he’s a goat.

Just a goat.

Can you imagine one of these fools I just mentioned meeting up with something like Black Phillip?

Wow, that would be wicked.

I say if you’re going to go out there and thrill kill Bambi, or have some ‘guide’ drag a big cat out from under a jeep so you can pump it full of bullets then really go for it- cut a deal with a Black Phillip.

He’s sport-

The Devil you say?

Yes, indeed.

The Devil I say.

Writers Write Prompt: Deer


You Lil’ Turkey You




I try to learn a new word or a check out some news from NASA because I like to try to lean one new thing a day- on purpose.

Today I wanted to know what happens when you fall into lava- I don’t know about you but when I was kid my favorite game was ” Hot Lava ” and when I would fall into the Lava I used to like to pretend I was turning into a Lava Monster. It’s funny how in a strange way I was right about that.

Here is my take away from  what I read:

You’ll stick to the  surface of the lava and you’ll cook just like a piece of steak in a frying pan. Your bones will cook too. I’m guessing there’s one big flash pain and then you turn into a charred shriveled horror.

I’m not sure if a lot of screaming is involved- maybe from the people watching. I’m not so sure about the Lava Surfer. Given that you start to cook right away I’m not sure how much noise you could make if your tongue is roasting in your mouth, but anything is possible.

Here’ a little something else  to keep in mind- if you fell into lava and cooked, you’d create  pretty impressive explosion. It’s called fountaining.

I’m not absolutely positive, but I would imagine that you hitting lava would be like one of those turkey in a deep fryer explosion- let’s take a look at it, shall we?

There are a billion ways to die, if I had to pick one I don’t think I’d pick the one where I end up like a turkey in a deep fryer mishap.

But I’d probably watch it on youtube- like the rest of the people who surfed the net and asked the same question I did today.


Writers Write Prompt: Daily








An Early Spring




Upon her death

heaps of flowers were placed

around her

next to her

fixed in her hands.

Upon her death

spring exploded with fury

around her

next to her

fixed in her hair.

clenched in her hands.

Upon her death

the flowers all wilted

around her

next to her

trapped in her decay.

With the touch of a match

and a smile on my lips

I freed them all

those innocent flowers

from  her secret grave.


January Writers Write Prompt: Deodorant