The Quiet Neighbors

Putting My Feet In The Dirt March Prompt#2  Dangling Modifiers


They are the Quiet Neighbors and they live at the end of an unmarked road, just outside of town.


Her children are not cute, in the way most children naturally  are

her back  is crooked like her spidery smile

she has a husband, she’s had about three , sad to say they all  end up dying

at the river down the road from where they live.


They have a dog named Boo and cat named Eggie and they  sit at the mailbox

and watch the cars go by with their unblinking, milky bluish white eyes.

Sometimes the dog barks and sometimes it growls and the cat  will slowly open it’s

mouth and hiss and spit silently in your direction  if you catch it’s eye  when you drive

or walk by.


The Quiet Neighbors are not  easy to look at and they  are very  hard to like.

Their voices sound like rusty nails that roll around inside of a tin can on a rotten

wooden shelf  when something or someone  lands with a thud on the floor above.


Why was that house of theirs still standing,  you might wonder because

the roof  is was sagging and all of the cracked windows are hung with dusty

yellow curtains and the front door always seems to be open and you could hear the

screen door banging open and closed at all hours.


That family is odd and  so are their pets.

Their house is a nightmare that tries to scream itself awake every night

but here in town we are fine with where the house stands

just as it is, just as they are

because if you look at  the Quiet Neighbors who live just outside of town…


you won’t bother to look at their  neighbors who live inside of it.



We Know You

Word of the Day Challenge: Angry

Artist: Kay Vinson

Anger is a home

in the suburbs

it has a  well used backyard with a red and white striped swing set  under a shade tree

a row of teacup roses lining the walkway up to the front door

a shiny new car in the driveway


Anger is a pair of lovers

meeting in an airport

she has a cat carrier in one hand and a walking cane in the other

he has a  a bottle of Viagra in one pocket and torn picture of his wife in his wallet

and hello will be the last honest word they ever say out loud again


Anger is a woman

running for a bus

even though her back is aching and her knee is screaming

and when she makes it and takes her seat

she tells herself she feels better all ready


Anger is an empty canvas, a blank page

a bare space on a wall

a dusty bookshelf in an apartment

when the last time anyone heard laughter inside of it’s walls

was when the tv was turned up too loud.

The Curve In The Road

Putting My Feet in the Dirt Prompt#1- Creases and Curves

Landscape with Storm
Franz Von Stuck

Turn here

stop there

are you on the right track?

Are you absolutely  sure?


Proceed with caution

beware take care

are you going to fast? No?

Are you absolutely sure?


Are you reckless

feckless, don’t care if you jump the curb?

Are you concerned for the safety of others?

Yes? Are you absolutely sure?


Every line carved on my face

every crease etched across my brow

every sleepless night I’ve  watched the moon set

will have to be enough to show I cared.  I’m absolutely sure.