Friday Morning


Photographer Unknown

Seattle, Washington

June 24, 2022

Friday Morning- 8:29am

There’s a homeless woman outside my warehouse door ( which is always locked nowadays), she’s smoking drugs and is having this conversation with herself:

” F*&^Y Nazis, trying to pump their drugs into me and why? It’s been seven years and that’s to long to be a science experiment. Not my fault they found ‘cain ( cocaine?) in my system. I didn’t put it there they did and why? Cause I’m their f%$* science experiment that’s why.

I’m not taking their drugs. I’m not their experiment. I’m not taking their drugs.

I should get a gun, fucking Nazis and then they’d know what it’s like to be an experiment.

How’d they like that? How’d like to get told you have meth or ‘cain in your body and it’s not my fault it’s there. They put it there. Like Covid. They put it there. Not me. They did it. ”

Fucking Nazisfucktheirdrugsfuckfuckkkkkkk!”

Source-Internet-Photographer Unknown

She’s been talking non-stop for a half hour. She isn’t even taking a breath. I can’t go out there because she’s crazy and nobody pays me enough to deal with a drugged out homeless person who thinks that the medication she’s supposed to take is a plot to get illegal drugs into her system and  she’s just waiting for a ” Nazi ” to show up and hassle her.

I guess what is wearing on me is when she talksandtalks and doesn’t take a breath. How does she do that?

I guess I should go to the side door pretty soon and see if she’s dead.  I always check on the ranters when they go quiet. Sometimes they’re passed out and sometimes they’re gone. Sometimes I think they’re dead but they move around a little or when their eyes are closed I can see them swinging under their lids from side to side.

That’s my life now. Dealing with people like this and the people who don’t want to do anything about this situation that we are all in together.

Photographer Unknown

Welcome to Pioneer Square- and much like it was in the Gold Rush days, it’s a dangerous place and no place for the Tenderfoots of the world and if you’re not careful this place will drive you mad.


I Still Wonder


From the Colossus of Rhodes  to the statue of Zeus at Olympia, of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world only one remains…

The Colossus Solis Artist: Philip Galle Date: 16th–17th century

Olympian Zeus in the sculptured antique art of Quatremère de Quincy (1815).

The Great Pyramid of Giza is all that is left of the Ancient Wonders.

Great Pyramid of Giza -The Last Remaining Wonder of the Ancient World

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I memorized the Seven Wonders and read every story I could find about them. I even wrote my own stories and vowed that one day I would visit the places where they once stood.

Well. You know. Maybe I will one day.

Ad Deir (“The Monastery”)- Petra

I’ve chosen pictures that I’ve liked from the New Wonders, not necessarily the image of the sites voted on- and I’ll explain why-

From what I understand there are now 7 new sights that have been declared The New Seven Wonders and though I don’t disagree that these new wonders are magnificent in their own right, I can’t help to feel that-


they’ve been logged, recorded, and their images have been used in political photo-ops, travel commercials and backdrops in countless movies

there isn’t a lot of room for ‘wonder’ to take place- which I guess is a little sad to me.

Chichen Itza -The Jaguar Throne inside the Temple of Kukulcán (“El Castillo”) pyramid is red and inlaid with jade

On the other hand, the two New Wonders that I’ve pictured above do have a little magic and maybe- if I’m lucky I’ll hear a story or two coming from their way.

After all, a million people voted  on these sights and made them our new Wonders and a million people can’t be wrong, can they?



Chosen by over one hundred million votes- HERE

I Forgot One Little Thing

Woman in a Café by Umberto Boccioni

The Challenge today

was to imagine what my life would have been like

had my dream of who I wanted to be at age five

came true.


I would have been an astronaut or maybe and archeologist

or a singer / actress like Ann Margret.

I would be sailing ships, fighting monsters

by the time I was 57.


They were fun dreams, dreams that I write about

but what would have made the five year old in  me pause

was one little detail.

I never actually saw myself doing any of those things.


I saw the me that I wished to be.

A prettier me.

A that looked pretty when I laughed

and could run and jump without tripping and falling and skinning my knees.


Maybe that’s why I am where I am now.

I should have seen myself doing those things- clumsy, homely me.

I should have included myself

in those lovely, exciting dreams.


Inspired by Writing Prompt Wednesday:

Your prompt: Imagine a day in your life if you had the career you wanted when you were five.

The Bridge Is Out


Three of my cats died within  year or just over a year from each other.

They were littermates so I guess that didn’t come as a real shock, especially since they were around 17 when they passed away .

I don’t know why I went on Facebook and dutifully posted their passing, but I did. I mean, WHY? You know?

When my nephew died one of my real world friends left a crying emoji under his death announcement that I put on my wall and that was it. That’s all she had to ‘say’. That’s pretty much why I stopped speaking to her in real life and I haven’t regretted that decision to this day.

So what does this have to do with Rainbows?

Well. As my cats and my dogs passed away I got these texts and posts about our pets crossing, ‘ The Rainbow Bridge ” and my head exploded each and every effing time.

When my dog died, she passed from a bad heart. She went from being a high energy Dalmatian to a not high energy dog. I cared for her and her quality of life was good but I know she missed being able to run out the door and take a few victory laps around the block before jumping through the laundry room window and sneaking into the kitchen to do a little counter surfing before I caught her. She moved slower and her pep was gone. That had to make her sad. Knowing I couldn’t take that from her made me angry.

My other dog died when her stomach twisted. Actually. She died because I couldn’t afford the surgery. But hey. She got to cross over the Rainbow Bridge because I couldn’t come up with close to$ 8,000.00 that day to try to save her life. So there was that. Right? She got happily trot across the Rainbow Bridge. Lucky her.

The truth is, I hate that expression because my cats and dogs did not bound over the Rainbow Bridge with joy and peace in their hearts when they died.

My pets fought hard to stay in this world, they fought against illness and old joints and my bank account .

My oldest cat Wolfie was in my arms when he died.

He  turned in my arms and when we were face to face he reached up with his paw and pulled my face close and when we were nose to nose he looked me in the eye and meowed- it was a roar actually.

I still have the little scars -they are three tiny white dots on my cheek bone. Every time I see them, I think about that last moment and I”m pretty sure he was telling me something.

He was probably saying he didn’t want to bounce to heaven across the ” Rainbow Bridge”

I think he was fighting to stay and he lost.

Sure the Rainbow Bridge is a nice picture for some of us to focus on when we are parted by death from our pets.

But then there are some of us who can’t see that lovely bridge.

That’s fine with me.

I was with all of my pets when they died and the last thing we saw in those moments was each other and in my heart those images are the ones that I want to have with me and with them when it was time to go.

They didn’t see a pretty bridge leading into oblivion ( which I’m guessing is a scary place ). They got to look into the faces of their family who loved them dearly.

Knowing you were that loved can make you strong and brave and take you anywhere you have to go in this world-

and the next.