But I Was Ready



I thought- back in September that for the Winter holidays things might be a little more

normal and that we could have a little  fun- if we were careful.


And then Halloween rolled around and that was fun

and then the election happened and that was loads of fun

and then we heard, what anyone who had been watching the Covid- 19 numbers saw,

that those hopes for a sort of normal, kind of fun Thanksgiving and Christmas was

probably  not  going to happen.


That sad fact became official here in Washington state over the weekend.


When I heard the news, I felt like a kid running up to the height chart in front of a

carnival ride and standing straight as I could but to no avail. I  missed the mark by a

hair- maybe two hairs.


One hair or two it did not matter because I was not going to get to strap myself into a

car, or a basket or teacup  and have the time of my life for a few minutes on a

crazy ride with lights and music and screams and laughter with the smells of food

hanging around my head like a dark  winter cloud.


I guess I’ll just do what I’ve been doing sine March and wait for my next chance to ride

the rides at  the carnival-

if it’s still there.



When It Doesn’t Add Up

For: November Writing Prompts #1- Sweet Chaos

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com



I’ve inched through life

crawled through countless days

watched the time fly, watched it stop, heard  it roar like a beat up truck with a

broken  muffler and then  die


at the end of the drive  with a plastic lawn jockey , missing an eye

and beaming a gritty mossy smile.




I’ve watched people walk, got out of their way as they ran for the door

without as much as a cherry  goodbye or a heartfelt go to Hell.




Sometimes I went along for the ride, sometimes I was pulled out by the tide and tossed

around like a leaf by the wind, by the rain

looking for that drain in the road to

send me home.




My life has been

like a wad of gum stuck

on the bottom of a dog’s paw, a cat’s claw

picking up gunk and fuzz

everyone knows it’s there but nobody wants to touch it.




My. Life.


I Totally Meant To Do That

Word of the Day Challenge: COVFEFE


Walked through the mall

with my head held high

my makeup by Dior

wow did I shine!


My hair was behaving

it looked pretty fine

for once my bra did it’s magic

and the girls were my pride.


To bad my skirt was stuck up

 over my behind

and my undies were the faded ones

with mickey mouse on a bike.


But I kept on walking because-