Amelia In The Frame

RDP Thursday – DEEP


Her name is Amelia and she hangs upon my wall

trapped in a frame

from a five and ten cent store.


Her eyes are flat and cold

her cheeks are pale and slack

Her jaw is wired shut

there are metal hands upon her back.


The bow on top her head

has been tied with love and care

and someone long ago

curled her long brown hair.


Her dress was to big and her shoes didn’t fit

and every time

she saw them hanging  in her closet

she closed her eyes and said;

” Ma, I’m just dying to wear this dress. ”

Before winter hit,  she did.



And Many More

Several years ago, just before my birthday

I had to remove the remains

of a woman my age

from a care center

where she died alone.

There was a little yellow Beanie Baby Bear on her nightstand and someone had put pale blue fuzzy socks on her feet.  I think one of her care givers gave her the bear and bought her the fuzzy socks.

It must have been nice for her, to have someone care for her like that in the end.

Since then when my birthday rolls around – which had never been a pleasant time for me- I think of it as ‘our Birthday’ and it makes the day a little more tolerable.


But tolerable.


My Life Coach Is Probably Insane

RDP Tuesday: falling

Franz Von Stuck


can fall from grace

Starved for sunlight

leaves fall from the trees

Your heart, all on it’s own

without a thought to your brain

can fall in love.

The Angel, the leaf, the heart have told me

don’t be afraid of the fall-

so go ahead

fall as many times as you want

with every chance you get

life is an adventure!


Falling isn’t the hard part.

Landing is.

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Thinking Out Loud

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Is that my face

in the mirror

are those my eyes looking at me

with cool, cruel indifference?


I reach out my hand, draw it back, extend  a finger

tap, tap, tap

Is anybody home?

Are those my teeth,

is that my hair

when did those lines around my mouth appear?


That can’t be me

that  tired listless, expressionless face

has it ever dreamed, schemed or plotted

an escape, a murder or revenge?


Tap tap tap

against the mirror

clouding it with the cold that escapes from my lungs

and clings to it like poison gas

on a battlefield

from Once Upon A Time.


That can’t be my face.

It’s just to-




Marjory Blair


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Marjory Blair

fell asleep in a field

covered with flowers and trees.

The grass was so cool

the Sun was so warm

” Wake up, come play with us “

her new friends begged her that day.


But the dark  Earth beneath  her

and all the creatures that live there

reached up and claimed her

before she could wake.


So with them

Marjory Blair

will sleep

and with them

Marjory Blair

will dream

And with them

Marjory Blair

will  forever

Rest In Peace.


A Poe Woman’s Reflection

Inspired  by The Bancroft Prompt: Will You Visit The House of Usher?

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Be a new kind of Demon, be a unique Werewolf, have you thought about the endless

possibilities that joining  the ranks of Vampires, Zombies and Witches hold?

Have you even wondered if you have the talent for casting curses,  the stomach for cannibalism or the upper body strength required for grave robbing?

I wonder about it all of the time

because I never sleep.

Lucky for me,  that doesn’t stop me from dreaming.