Bits and Pieces of Me

RDP Tuesday: SAVE

Pictures that I saved where I can find them quickly. They just make me smile.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I took this picture of  fossilized dinosaur poo because, dang- it’s Dino Poo!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Wish- two tickets to Mars. One for me, one for my dog. Hamish’s birthday is in July.

My sixth grade picture. Notable because I like almost everyone in it. I can’t say that about most group pictures I ‘ve been in over the years.

Plus my teacher – Mr Patterson looks like Rick Nielson from Cheap Trick. My teacher was a good guy. I’ve always hoped he did well in life.

This picture of my granddaughter- an impish smile on holy ground. LOL.

And there you have it, random bits of me. Weird, right?

Lucky Shots



When you make bank

score some points

or find that lone lost currency note floating on the sidewalk with no wallet to call home

it’s customary to jump up and yell, ” cha-ching “


When you work the side sideshow and you’re throwing knives at a girl name Sophia or

Esmeralda and your knife sings back to you ” cha-ching ” instead of ‘kersplat’

you just take a bow and act like you can do this all day long  because the truth is your

normal job is cleaning up after the elephants and most of the time you miss the wheel-

barrel when you’re  shoveling up their mess.