There You Are!


I have been spending a lot of time out and about in the world.

I’ve been to the symphony, argued with a friend, tried to figure out what wine tasting is all about and indulged in a new variety of Marshmallow Peeps called ” Delights“.

I guess I wanted to add a little pep to my writing and that’s the way I do it- I sort of jump into things and start swimming and hope a shark doesn’t pop up and bite me in half.

Tonight I walked my dog Hamish Macbeth and on our walk he tried to eat a rotten sandwich, cat poop and he ate a mouthful of yard clippings. When we got home I gave him a Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookie and he dropped it on the floor uneaten.

I picked it up and offered it to him and he took it, looked at me for a minute and let it drop back out of his mouth and it landed on the floor, only slightly soggy and hardly even chewed.

I considered throwing it under a bush because I wondered if he found it tomorrow if he’d eat it then.

Why bother, I decided.

I know the answer.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

I saw some big things, small things weird things and I was glad I was there.

Now it’s time to write again.


The world is a great place.

See it often.


Wolfgang’s Garden

Photo: AM. Moscoso

I don’t know what to do with myself when Spring comes.

I used to have an herb garden.

I collected herbs the way other people collect friends on Facebook.

My cat Wolfgang would sit and supervise and  I would talk to him and he would ignore me and we both had a good time.

One day I noticed Wolfie was holding his head at a funny angle and drinking bowls of water in a day.

His kidneys were failing and by Summer he was gone and I let my herb garden go wild and most of it died off and I didn’t care.

I buried Wolfgang out there and to this day I stay out of  what used to be our favorite place in the yard.

I don’t know what to do with myself when the Spring comes.

I guess I’ll hide until the Winter and hope the snow comes and covers what’s left of me and Wolfgang’s Garden.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Daily Post: Ruminate

The Buzzing!

Today these are the top five words people are looking up at Merriam

  1. neophyte‘a beginner’

  2. incredulous‘Indisposed to admit or accept what is related as true’

  3. refute‘To deny the truth or accuracy of’

  4. recuse‘To disqualify (oneself)’

  5. nefarious‘Flagrantly wicked or impious’

    Photo A.M. Moscoso

    I’m not sure where everyone else’s head was today, but from the looks of it at Merriam Webster that place was not desirable real estate.

    For me  the bus ride home from work turned out to be a not so pleasant experience.

 A clean cut young man with short blond hair and a University Sweatshirt  took the seat just across the aisle from me.

Once he settled in, he put his hands together and started to pray.

When he was done his face was beaming and his eyes were shining he looked right at me and  then he reached into his messenger bag and I had to fight to take my next breath.

He pulled out a granola bar.

I wasn’t angry at myself, I was angry at him.

How the Hell did that fear get into my head with no warning?

What is the matter with me?

What is the matter with all of us?

Daily Post: Swarm