There You Are!


I have been spending a lot of time out and about in the world.

I’ve been to the symphony, argued with a friend, tried to figure out what wine tasting is all about and indulged in a new variety of Marshmallow Peeps called ” Delights“.

I guess I wanted to add a little pep to my writing and that’s the way I do it- I sort of jump into things and start swimming and hope a shark doesn’t pop up and bite me in half.

Tonight I walked my dog Hamish Macbeth and on our walk he tried to eat a rotten sandwich, cat poop and he ate a mouthful of yard clippings. When we got home I gave him a Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookie and he dropped it on the floor uneaten.

I picked it up and offered it to him and he took it, looked at me for a minute and let it drop back out of his mouth and it landed on the floor, only slightly soggy and hardly even chewed.

I considered throwing it under a bush because I wondered if he found it tomorrow if he’d eat it then.

Why bother, I decided.

I know the answer.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

I saw some big things, small things weird things and I was glad I was there.

Now it’s time to write again.


The world is a great place.

See it often.


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