Not Alone



I write because there are rooms in my head with doors shut and locked with do not disturb signs hanging from the doorknobs.

I write because the rooms are dark and I can hear, at least I think I can hear voices that are talking to themselves, singing to themselves, raging at themselves and worst of all- laughing at themselves.

The laughing is the worst sound of all of the sounds making their way out to the hall.

I write because there are galleries in my head- some are filled with paintings, some of the galleries are empty  except for the paint chipping off of the walls and dusty handprints pressed against the windows. I write because the galleries have people lost in the corridors and all of the people I see look like me when I was young and some are me when I am old and some of them glide through the galleries like ghosts.

I write because of the stories in my head and if I don’t let them out to play, I think they will invite me in and I just might never leave.

That is why I write.


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It’s A Secret

I like to write in song

and I like to write when there are people going in and out of the room

I like to write with my dog next to me so that I can use him for an arm rest and when I get bored I can start rubbing his ears and I get him to play ( no matter what he is doing)when I start to howl like a wolf.


I really don’t need a place to go where I can shut out the rest of the world so I can be alone with my thoughts and create. I don’t know about you, but the inside of my head is not the place to be without the aid of a night light.

Besides when I write, I slide into the zone pretty fast, so it’s not like I’m tracking a lot of what is going on around me anyway.

I do like to listen to music, for a little while when I start to put together a story or a poem.

But I do have this romantic vision of me writing away in a dark room with a roaring fire in a giant fireplace and a storm raging outside of my stained glass windows.

Sometimes I can see myself look up from my work and I can see myself looking over my right shoulder- and then slowly I turn my head and look over my left shoulder and then I spin around in my chair and I look at myself right in the eye and say,

” Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, writing?”



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