Do You Hear What I Hear?

For me, Christmas is all about the music.

Not the gifts, not the tinsel, not the decorations but the music.

Each year I have a few songs that become part of the soundtrack of the holiday season and so far these are turning out to be my ‘go to’ songs.

Mozart is here, he’s not Christmas but he is energetic and a great listen when I get overwhelmed during prep time. I guess he sort of gets me back on track:

Carol Of The Bells is cool- no matter how you arrange it this piece always sounds spooky. So you know, it’s a must hear over the holidays:

This has not been a good year here in the States,  so more then in previous years I’m feeling this song- which didn’t start out being a Christmas Song but is now considered one

Stop The Cavalry:

So there they are. The songs that say Christmas Time.

Happy Listening!