In What Universe Is This OK?

Seattle is  a bike friendly town.

So friendly in fact that if you are renting one of those run around bikes you can dump it in a handicapped parking spot in a private parking lot and your friends can jam their bikes so close to the handicapped spot that there is no way anyone could use the passenger doors to let anyone out of the car or van without a care in your head because


no matter how many people with mobility issues that you have to screw over to do it.

April 24, 2018

MARCH 23,2018

3 thoughts on “In What Universe Is This OK?

  1. Seattle (and Olympia) are awesome as a pedestrian too. We never had so many people stop to let us cross. Wish we could have stayed. Bikes are like rabbits though…get two together and they multiply. The rental service should provide a clear drop-off point for them. The last people parking were probably in such a hurry they didn’t notice the parking spot…just an open spot for their bike. Not justifying their actions though.

    • First off, thank you for stopping by and I am very glad you had a nice experience in Seattle.

      The parking lot I photographed is actually a private lot owned by a local business for their customers use only. That sign is prominently displayed- as for the bike riders not seeing the logo- they can. Not only is the stencil about four feet long, there’s also a sign against the wall directly in front of the stall. THere’s actually a lot of room for them to leave their bikes on the sidewalk- which makes sense because it’s the city of Seattle who has the agreement with the companies who rent the bikes out.

      • Ahh, but you’re missing the giant flashing neon sign and the bike parking attendant to take the bike from the rider and put it where it belongs. (just kidding). Our city tried bike rental–it lasted about a week before the same problem happened.

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