We’ve Always Done It That Way, That’s Why

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday.

From the sound of it, things like ghost stories being read and told next to a roaring fire or  a late night stroll past cemeteries and ‘maybe ‘haunted houses in your neighborhood  and threats about Krampus visiting you instead of Santa should be involved.

Instead it’s the start of the holiday shopping season- it’s a date that is firmly grounded in our holiday calendar.

Listen, I’ve done the spooky stuff during the Christmas season- the late night walks through the snow and fog. I’ve read Victorian era ghost stories while sipping hot apple cider and if you haven’t sat around a candlelit living room with your friends and family and told scary stories about pirate curses, mummies, devils and spirits in torment then you have missed out on some real fun.

But please, if going to the Mall or Wal-Mart or jumping on line to shop at Amazon is the way you want to spend ” Black Friday ” then I say enjoy it. I don’t know what that would look like, because I’m pretty much out of the shopping  loop but I’m guessing apps and coupons are involved.

However, this Black Friday I’ll be reading some M.R James and warm drinks will be involved and I’ll probably be writing too.

I’ll ask this though, must we always do the predicable, the expected under the cover of the dark winter sky?

Or should we have a little fun with it all?


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