The Black Envelopes

This year I sent out Christmas cards- something I haven’t done for a few years.

Last year, like the year before I went to the store and pored over boxes of cards and decided that none of them really said ” Merry Christmas ” so I took a pass and skipped it.

Nowadays people send e-cards that sing and dance. How could a bit of paper and ink compare with that? Besides, people talk smack about the cards they get and the newsletters that some people put a lot of work into so I figured, nobody really likes to get old fashioned cards anymore.

But it turns out I wasn’t completely right.

I had to update my address book and decided to send a few cards out and lo and behold  there is a small group of people in my life that were excited about getting actual mail.

At least, I hope that when they got my cards they would not be put off by the little black envelopes they came in and the less then traditional cards that I chose to express my holiday spirit:

This year during the Christmas season I decided to spend time reading Victorian Era ghost stories, I took my big dark dog for walks late in the evening when it was chilly and cemetery quite outside and when we got home I made us a little snack that we both could crunch between our chattering teeth while we sat in living room glowing from the lights around my fireplace and on our Christmas tree.

My cards may have come in little black envelopes and inside those envelopes were pictures of Yule Cats, Yule Lads Krampus and Pere Fouettard and I will admit they are a little odd- but they are just as much of the Christmas tradition as Fruit Cake, Black Friday and Over Eating.

This year’s cards were my way of saying I was part of this big grand tradition- and even though I didn’t celebrate it in a traditional way I think that I had more fun this year then I have had in ages.

Another way of looking at it- my cards weren’t greetings.

They were an invitation.

I wonder if the people I sent them to will answer- in their own and unique way.