Thinking Out Loud

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Is that my face

in the mirror

are those my eyes looking at me

with banal,  boring  indifference?


I reach out my hand, draw it back, extend  a finger

tap, tap, tap

Is anybody home?

Are those my teeth,

is that my hair

when did those lines around my mouth appear?


That can’t be me

that  tired listless, expressionless face

has it ever dreamed, schemed or plotted

an escape, a murder or revenge?


Tap tap tap

against the mirror

clouding it with the cold that escapes from my lungs

and clings to it like poison gas

on a battlefield

from Once Upon A Time.


That can’t be my face.

It’s just to-




Halloween Writing Prompts 2019

I have a three word ( or so ) Halloween themed writing challenge set up at my other blog, Danse Macabre ( HERE )

If you’d like a little inspiration or just want to have a little fun go over there and check it out- don’t forget to pingback or leave a link in the comment section there if you take one up.

Trick or Treat

Anita Marie