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RDP Friday – Leadership

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish Macbeth 2014

A few years ago I was taking some photos at a cemetery.

The cemetery was- as most are- open to the public. People go to cemeteries to mourn, to remember, to walk their dogs ( not all allow dogs ) to reconnect with the past.

To contemplate.

So as I was taking my pictures and people were around me doing what people do at cemeteries, a police car drove by and then he doubled back, pulled up to the curb got out and made a bee-line for my son and his father.

He asked them how it was going, where they were from and why were they visiting the cemetery that day?

My son was polite. He said his Mom was taking pictures for her blog and how are you today officer?

My son pointed to me and the officer started to raise his hand toward me and put it down. It was a small almost imperceptible gesture. I stood there with my camera in hand and watched this highly unusual situation ( where graveyards are concerned ) play out.

Nothing about my family stood out- unless you count the fact that my son and his father are Latino and not exactly what you would call little guys. But they were dressed like all the other midwestern suburbanites strolling around the cemetery and no they weren’t sitting on headstones or dancing on graves.

They were just not white guys in a place where everyone else was.

Leadership- when there is a lack of it people make things up as they go along- they are overly suspicious of the people and things they don’t understand.

Like the Officer was in the cemetery that day.

In dog I blindly trust, but I think I’m going to keep a sharp eye on the humans around me.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish Macbeth 2019

Take A Notion

It’s an odd feeling, but since some of us went into lockdown / quarantine I feel like the world is way more crowded then before- yes even though the streets are empty.

Well, where I live there are a lot of Republicans around so the streets aren’t that empty ( especially around Walmart ) and most of them do not wear facemasks because FREEDUMBS!

Anyway, it’s like I don’t have enough elbow room.

So as I was thinking about today’s prompt ” Notion ” I got it into my head that a nice one way trip to Mars with my dog Hamish might be the answer.

Besides Hamish Macbeth’s birthday is in July and the ticket is good for travel in July 2020- and if we can suspend reality for a mo’, it would make an awesome gift.

What do you think?

Just as an interesting factoid, Mars has been Coronavirus free for 4.603 billion years.

See you there?

This annotated view points out Earth in the Mars night sky as seen by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Jan. 31, 2014 about 80 minutes after local sunset.
(Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/TAMU)

One Liner Wednesday-Why? Just WHY?

“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.”

Johnny Depp

This is light fixture.

After you buy it and have an electrician install it, what you see in the picture above is EXACTLY what you get. It’s a tube full of burned out fluorescent tubes that are lit from within by LED bulbs and it looks like something your Stoner brother would have set up in his bedroom back in the 70’s.

It retails at almost $4,000.00

That’s just for the fixture.

I am SO confused.

Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday

Once, Spring Was Here

I was thinking about Spring- and how it’s sort of limping along and I tried to remember if I was ever excited about it making it’s rounds.

Here are pictures of my cat Blitzer, some wildlife and my dog Hamish Macbeth.

I’m thinking I used to like the promises Spring brought, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken these pictures. I think that each one sparkles with life.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

RDP Tuesday: bloom