Murder Hornets


One of these days we’re going to have to explain this world we’re living in now and this is how I think it will go for me:

” Where did Murder Hornets come from? ” I imagine my Granddaughter asking me one day. ” Did you ever see one? What’s it like to be stung by one? Do they really sound like hummingbirds when they fly?”

” I saw a bunch of them try to carry off one cat and then they carried off another. It was pretty awful. “

” No you did not ” my Granddaughter will say.

” Yes I did. Don’t you ever wonder why you never see any cats around here?”

” I thought it was because you’re allergic”

” Murder Hornets ” I will say darkly.

” Lola,” my Grandaughter will ask me one day ” Was there really a sandstorm that circled the world? Did it really start in the Sahara Desert? Did it really dump sand in Texas? Did you see that? Did it dump sand in Washington too?

” Do you know what it was called? I will tell her, ” It was called, “The Godzilla Sandstorm

My Grandaughter, whose name is Jemma will roll her eyes up into her head. ” Lola that is the biggest pile of baloney you’ve ever stacked. “

” It’s true. Ask the internet-“

” Internet ” Jemma will snort ” Nobody calls it that Lola.”

” Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. It was a curse. One day someone in the Cairo Museum accidently damaged a mummy and the next thing you know…womp. What can I say, one of those Curses was bound to be real and it was bound to pay off and boy did it.”

Jemma will look at me and say, ” I knew it.”

And then one day Jemma will ask me about the Virus that swept the world when she was two years old and she will ask me if I had it and did I know anyone who died and what was it like to not be able to go to the movies or to concerts or parties and what did we do all day?

I will remember the times that I rode the train with “Fever Boy.” he was the guy who coughed and hacked and sneezed and finally he started to wear a mask- but he only wore it when he was waiting for the train. He took it off when he got on.

And then there was Crazy Cooter- he was the guy who only wore his mask over his mouth and when he was reading he would flip it on the top of his head, the way you do with your glasses when you don’t need them. Anyway, he would read quietly, out loud to himself.

He used to sneeze a lot.

The streets and trains were full of people like Fever Boy and Crazy Cooter. They made a lot of people sick. Lots and lots of people. It should have been a crime.

” Well, when we were under stay at home orders I started a new hobby.”

” What was your new hobby?”

” Head hunting. “

” Oh Lola! ” Jemma will laugh. ” That’s so silly. Everyone knows you didn’t head hunt.’

My Son will join in at this point, ” Come on Mom. Tell her the truth. You didn’t hunt for heads.”

I will look down modestly and then I will admit, ” I took up sewing again so I made-“

” Masks?” Jeamma will guess.

” Voodoo dolls. ” I will tell her.

” Best dang Voodoo Dolls in the entire state of Washington.” My son will say proudly. ” Those things really worked. But that was at the end of the pandemic when you started to make them, right?” my Son will say with a wink over his daughter’s head.

” Yeah. At the end” I will tell her.

And my son will try to laugh so that Jemma will know we we’re only kidding around.

But it won’t be a very convincing laugh.

The Sweet And The Salty


I was going through this phase where I didn’t write about the things I ususally write about- the macabre, death, curses and hexes, demons and devils and monsters.

There didn’t seem to be a place for it right now.

At least, that was the message I got from my FB newsfeed- people were asking each other to not be so dark.

I thought that maybe this wasn’t the time to make a dark world just a little darker so I toned it down.

But then…ah yes BUT THEN

it occurred to me that I was making the world a sunny, happy place for people who were telling me what to think and how to feel and what to see and say.

Who does that?

When my dog barks, I let him get a few good woofs in because that’s what dogs do- they bark.

So guess what.

How about you let me bark and I’ll let you shine.


What am I saying.

No deal.

Let’s just be who we are.


Tune In

These stories are great to listen to for the fun of it- in addition if you write short stories listening to these really does help teach you pacing.


” The Shrunken Head “

The Whistler

Boris Karloff:” Corridor of Doom”

Inner Sanctum 1945

Orson Welles ” Dracula “

Mercury Theatre 1938


Photo: Terry Preshaw


This is the face of a Trump Supporter.

Teeth clenched, lips pulled back into a grimace- his MAGA cap planted firmly on his head.

This photo was taken at a rally calling for the recall of a Snohomish County Sheriff:

( Briefly )

Snohomish County Sheriff Fortney has reinstated officers that were deemed to have made unconstitutional searches by the previous sheriff. He reinstated another officer that committed an unjustified shooting leading to the death of an Edmonds man.

In addition he has declared that the Governor’s stay at home order is unconstitutional

Photo: Terry Preshaw

So at this rally to recall the Sheriff, a Trump Supporter went up to a group of protestors and stuck his face near theirs and breathed on them.

He did it because he feels it is his right to spread a virus that could kill someone, he did it because he wants his America back.

He did it to make his President proud and I am pretty sure he has.

Going Skinless

Song Lyric Sunday: Measured with a Thermometer

“Dance Around In Your Bones” was one of those songs that I grew up singing- my grandparents probably taught it to me and it probably appealed to me because I was an imaginative little kid with a dark streak running through my imagination a mile wide.

All I can tell you about the history of the song is that the songwriters have an impressive body of work and you’ve probably heard more of their music then you realize.

So what is it about this song that caught my fancy over 50 years ago?

I would have to say that what appealed to me was the idea of dancing skeletons and ice cream cones and peeling of your skin to boot.

Still, I wondered then and I wonder now what exactly the writers were thinking when they created this little gem- but I don’t mind if I never find out.

Sometimes the fun is in the wondering, don’t you think?


Words by Edgar Leslie

Music by Walter Donaldson

When you hear sweet syncopation
And the music softly moans
T ain’t no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

When it gets too hot for comfort
And you can’t get an ice cream cone
‘T ain’t no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

Just like those bamboo babies
Down in the South Sea tropic zone
T’ ain’t no sin to take off your skin
And dance around in your bones

When you hear sweet syncopation, and the music softly moans
‘t ain’t no sin to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones

When it gets too hot for comfort, and you can’t get an ice cream cone
‘t ain’t no sin to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones

Just like those bamboo babies, down in the South Sea tropic zone
‘t ain’t no sin to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones

The Endless Railway

June 26th Prompt: The endless railway

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I commute to work on the endless railway.

I ride in a car where I’m not alone, even if I’m the only person sitting in it because

I am sitting with the ghosts of people I used to ride with everyday and I do sort of miss now, even though they used to step on my feet and gave me dirty looks because I took ‘their seat’.

I commute to work on the endless railway where my fellow travelers fill the air and have taken the seats and cling to the handrails where people used to sit and stand and fret over their cell carriers and gossiped about

that lady with the cacophonic laugh and the guy who talked about how many guns he owned

every single day

I ride on an enless railway

and I wonder


I will finally make it home.

Photo A,M. Moscoso

The Fun Firsts

Cee’s Friday Funny Finds – Week of June 26

Cee posted some Funny finds at her site and heaven knows I have tons of those myself, so I decided to post some fun finds instead- and in searching I came across these articles about the first in photographs.

These are a selection of photographic firsts- first selfie, first picture of the Sun the picture of lighting and the first hoax.

I’ve also included a clip of the earliest recording of music to exist.

I think it’s fun to look back on these- enjoy!


Robert Cornelius- first self portrait photograph. Taken in 1839 and even though it is a selfie he managed to keep his tongue in his mouth.

First Hoax Photo and it did not rely on photoshop!

” Self Portrait of a drowned man”. 1840, France.

First Photograph of the sun.

1845 Paris, France

First photograph of lighting.

1882, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

This is the earliest recording of music known to exist.

In 1888 a recording of Arthur Sullivan’s song ‘The Lost Chord’ was etched onto a phonograph cylinder.

Baby Love

FOWC with Fandango — Baby

He called her after dinner and told her they had to have a serious talk.

What he wanted to discuss affected them both and he was afraid that if they couldn’t come to some sort of compromise, they might have to split up.

She was devasted.

His happiness was her happiness and she worked very hard to make him happy- what did she miss how could she have gone so wrong?

They decided to meet at the park near the swings after work.

Photo by u795d u9e64u69d0 on

The look she saw on his face when she walked up to him at the benches by the swing sets chilled her to the bone- one half of his face was painted in bright pink fury, the other in deep blue betrayal. His lips were roughed red with disapproval and anger.

” What is it? ” she asked.

He was stern.

” If you wear makeup, I won’t kiss you anymore. I hate the way it tastes.”

She sat down next to him and tried to take his hand, but he pulled it away and scooted away from her.

” It’s my face. ” she said.

She looked into his eyes and he turned his head away. “This affects the both of us.” he said in a deep voice that rattled in his thin bony chest.

” But it’s my face. “

” It’s my face too. ” he said.

She wasn’t sure she heard him right and when she realized she had she knew she had a choice to make.

She hung her head and nodded.

He took her hand and pulled her gently closer to him.

” It’s my face too.” he sighed happily.

Goodnight Midge

Fandango’s Friday Flashback — June 26 I’ve flashed back to a story I wrote around this time last year- actually there were two others but I liked this one the best.


Because it was one where I followed the advice all writers hear, ” Write what you know.

So I wrote about being a Mom.

More or less.


Photo by Steve Johnson on

” I think there is a monster in my closet “

her daughter, Midge said for the one billionth time.

” No there isn’t. ” she told her daughtere- otherwise known as the kid who never got into bed when she was supposed to and could always find a way to avoid it.

” Mommy, I’m not fibbing. I think there is a monster in my closet. I think it has big sharp teeth and horns and knives for fingers.”

Midge pulled her fluffy pink comforter up to her chin and five of the twenty or so plush kittens she slept with tumbled to the floor.

” Mommy! Save my babies!”

Brenda leaned over and started to pitch Midge’s babies back up onto the bed. Her hair, which needed washing fell into her face and she could  see her yellow sweatshirt had popcorn kernels stuck to it.

She couldn’t remember when she ate popcorn last.

” Mommy. “

” No Midge. No I am not going to check your closet for monsters.”

” Why not? Don’t you love me?”

” No. I mean yes. Of course I love you. But I’ve been checking your closet for Monsters  every night since you were three years old and you’re seven now. Midge I’m tired of looking into your closet to check for monsters.”

Midge sniffed. ” It’s not like there are a million monsters. There’s only one, I think. Please. Please check.”

” Look. Just give me a break. I’ll tell you what. I’ll watch your babies and you check the closet for the Monster.”

Midge’s eyes went from little pools of blue light to gigantic saucer sized orbs. ” What if it gets me?”

” It’s never gotten me. Go ahead. I’ll wait and you be a big brave girl and check.”

Midge slid her comforter down and slid out of her white and yellow canopy bed.

She padded past her tea set and dollhouses and her shelves lined with dolls and books about fairies and princesses.

When she got to her closet door she reached for the knob and she turned to her Mother. ” If the Monster gets me, you’ll be sorry.”

” I’m sure you will be safe. Go on.”

Midge turned the knob and pulled the door open and then  a gust of warm air sent her flying forwards and she landed with a soft thud.

The door slammed shut.

” Mommy! Mommy help! The monster got me, the monster got me!”

Brenda  put her back against the closet door and slid to the floor. ” Actually Midge, ” said Mommy as she pushed a lock of hair behind one of her horns freshly sprouted horns with the shiny knife at the end of her finger that she hardly ever popped out anymore just for the Hell of it because she was too busy driving her daughter to dance lessons nowdays” The monster doesn’t want you! “

Photo A.M. Moscoso

RDP- Sunday–Closet

Mr. Motormouth

RDP Friday – Enough!

He rides my train with three other guys from the construction crew he works with and when he does the air around us is filled with the sounds of his voice- and his voice alone.

He hasn’t a clue or he doesn’t care that when he spouts off his co-workers really never add to what he’s saying, or he doesn’t care.

Like, during the protests he was telling everyone what kind of guns he was going to put into his car, ‘ just in case he had to defend himself’.

He brags what a nice car he has and how his girlfriend has not so reliable car and that when she asked for a ride to work, he told her to call for a Lyft or a cab.

He wasn’t going to let her, ‘ mooch off of him ‘. he loudly and proudly announced.

That was the only time I ever heard the guys with him expand on what he said. One said if his wife wanted a car, he’d get her one.

The other guy said Mr Motormouth was an asshole and the third guy pretended to be asleep.

So what a big surprise, Mr. Motormouth who is required to wear a mask at work has decided anyone who wears one out in public or as required by ordinances are ignorant of the law.

Yesterday he told everyone ( he was out of the 10 people in my car, one of the three not wearing a mask ) that the Governor’s law was illegal because it discriminated against people who didn’t wear masks.

Plus he said, it’s not enforceable.

So ha ha on everyone wearing a mask.

He said over and over again, the Governor can’t make or enforce laws that discriminate against people. Plus, there are people with health conditions that will suffocate and die if they wear a mask and what about them?

Mr. Motormouth.

Patriot,Legal Scholar, defender of people with disabilities- shooting his big mouth off and spraying his germs all over everyone sitting around him, or walking by him.

I wonder if he would wear a mask if we told him he could make everyone in the car sick and then who would he have to Motor his Mouth off at for 40 minutes a day?

I bet he’d glue that mask to his face.

That’s what I would put money on.

Photo by Gioele Fazzeri on

From The American Lung Association:

Myth #3:

If you have asthma, you should wear a disposable mask when in public areas to help limit COVID-19 exposure.


Current guidance from the CDC says that commercially-available masks – like N-95s and surgical masks – should be reserved for people who are already sick and healthcare workers that interact with those patients.  

But up to one in four individuals infected with COVID-19 might have no symptoms or very mild symptoms, and may be unknowingly spreading the virus.  The use of a cloth face covering – whether that is a handmade cloth mask, bandana or scarf – can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  These types of masks are not intended to protect the wearer, but to protect against the unintended transmission – in case you are an asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus. If you have respiratory symptoms (e.g., fever, sneezing, cough, shortness of breath), you should stay home unless directed by your healthcare provider to see medical care and then you should wear a mask to prevent spreading your droplets to others.

Debunking myths about wearing masks:

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – There are many myths about masks and it is safer to understand what types of masks are okay for your safety.

The Director of Critical Care at Grand Strand Health says that cloth masks are adequate and recommended for the general public to use.

There has been speculation that wearing one can make you sick by breathing freshly exhaled carbon dioxide.

“It’s just not really the case,” said Dr. Thad Golden, Director of Critical Care at Grand Strand Health. “In other words it doesn’t restrict your breathing enough to create a problem for most people. For the general population the take home message is they are safe to use and important to use especially now during this flare.”

Dr. Golden says that people with severe respiratory illnesses may have trouble breathing with a mask on and should speak with their doctor.