Have You Ever…

Here’s a flashback post from 2014. 

What can I say? I must have been in a mood when I wrote it ( wink ).


Have you ever touched a dead person?

Seen a dead person?

What’s it like, you may  one day get the chance to ask

someone like me

who has  prepared the dead for their

last visit with their nearest and dearest.

Well. It’s like this.

Have you ever walked up to a house

doesn’t matter if it’s a new house or an old house or the remains of a house

and you’ve stood there and knew, in your bones, that nobody was there.

That the house was empty.

Whatever it was that made that house a home was gone.

So that’s what it’s like to touch a dead person.

That’s what it feels like.

It’s not to big of a thing and after a while you actually get used to it.

But when the dead touch you…

You never do get used to that.

Friday Morning


Photographer Unknown

Seattle, Washington

June 24, 2022

Friday Morning- 8:29am

There’s a homeless woman outside my warehouse door ( which is always locked nowadays), she’s smoking drugs and is having this conversation with herself:

” F*&^Y Nazis, trying to pump their drugs into me and why? It’s been seven years and that’s to long to be a science experiment. Not my fault they found ‘cain ( cocaine?) in my system. I didn’t put it there they did and why? Cause I’m their f%$* science experiment that’s why.

I’m not taking their drugs. I’m not their experiment. I’m not taking their drugs.

I should get a gun, fucking Nazis and then they’d know what it’s like to be an experiment.

How’d they like that? How’d like to get told you have meth or ‘cain in your body and it’s not my fault it’s there. They put it there. Like Covid. They put it there. Not me. They did it. ”

Fucking Nazisfucktheirdrugsfuckfuckkkkkkk!”

Source-Internet-Photographer Unknown

She’s been talking non-stop for a half hour. She isn’t even taking a breath. I can’t go out there because she’s crazy and nobody pays me enough to deal with a drugged out homeless person who thinks that the medication she’s supposed to take is a plot to get illegal drugs into her system and  she’s just waiting for a ” Nazi ” to show up and hassle her.

I guess what is wearing on me is when she talksandtalks and doesn’t take a breath. How does she do that?

I guess I should go to the side door pretty soon and see if she’s dead.  I always check on the ranters when they go quiet. Sometimes they’re passed out and sometimes they’re gone. Sometimes I think they’re dead but they move around a little or when their eyes are closed I can see them swinging under their lids from side to side.

That’s my life now. Dealing with people like this and the people who don’t want to do anything about this situation that we are all in together.

Photographer Unknown

Welcome to Pioneer Square- and much like it was in the Gold Rush days, it’s a dangerous place and no place for the Tenderfoots of the world and if you’re not careful this place will drive you mad.