Happy New Years!

No I am NOT jumping the gun on New Years.

New Years on the Martian calander began on December 26th.

I wanted to write about how cool it is that on a planet whose sole inhabitants are robots- both living and dead ( or to be technical, functioning and non-functioning )  the year is 2023 and we’re still stuck in 2022.

So in keeping with the Martian season because they’re ahead of us and I want to get the party started,  I’ve  got  my New Years resolution list ready ( which will probably end up being soaked in sarcasm ( but not before having a hand full of mistletoe stuffed down it’s gullet ).

Believe it or not, I’m actually more excited about New Years Eve even though-

I’m not going to get dressed up, I’m not going to party my guts out, I’m not going to go to the symphony and ring in the New Years ( I actually really do miss doing that ) with Beethoven.

I’ll probably go to my Sister’s house for a few hours and then ring in the New Years with the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD and some strawberry margaritas. I’ll have fun, I’m sure of that- but sad to say it’s probably no going to be as much fun as celebrating the New Years on Mars.

So from Earth to Mars you Rovers want to dance? Its New Years somewhere in the Universe! Lets do it!