The Runners



He dug up every letter,  faded concert ticket and a carefully folded panty from that magical night when he turned 19 and  she spent that first night with him

and ran back to her.

She  wrote a poem and signed it with a little picture she doodled with a shaky hand of her cradling her naked breasts

and she opined

that they were

Forever soulmates, let’s run away to Italy and you can eat my pasta while I listen to you play guitar in the moonlight under my window

and with this song of love in  hand she ran towards him crying in ecstasy with each step she took.


By the time they met, in that enchanted place they would call home

40 years had flown by without them

and the Grim Reaper was there too

at their housewarming

singing a song under their window with a scythe in one hand and a pair of panties and a handful of poems written in a shaky hand in the other.


Before he knocked the Reaper wondered

as he sometimes did

if these fragile souls needed something to live for

why some of them settled for something that wasn’t there

when there was so much around them





Doing Time In Coronaville

RDP Friday – Isolate

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

I take the train to work and because of the Coronavirus outbreak here in Seattle my train has only about 1/3 of the passengers that it normally carries.

My car only carried 6 passengers- but it was three to many.

Sitting behind me were three Yippy Skippy Millennials who were laughing it up because  they are under the impression that they are immune and ” nobody is really going to die except maybe old sick people” and  isn’t it a joke that people are over reacting and schools restaurants  are shutting down and everyone is washing their hands every six seconds but at least ” nobody is on the train, so there’s all this room hahahaha.”

That line jingled in my head. ” No one is on the train. ”

When we got to Seattle and we were leaving the car,  I sort of bumped one of the Yippy Skippy Millennials with my backpack and when she turned around to see what was up I stared at her blankly, I do a great expressionless face after all I used to care for the dead- and brushed by her.

Of course, under normal circumstances I would have apologized for the bump and no way would I have nudged anybody out of my way because that’s rude.

But I didn’t apologize.

What was the point?

Because after all. Nobody was on the train with them.

And I am sure she is just fine.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Seattle feels like ‘ghost town,’ business owners say as they face life in coronavirus hot spot


King County, Washington: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


The Sleeping Green Man

RDP Thursday – GREEN

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Will he wake up?

Can he wake up?

If he does will he think he is still sleeping

trapped in a nightmare

where the streets are empty, the buildings are dark, all of the doors are locked no one is home

but then he hears:

Go away! Don’t Sneeze on me, I don’t want to die!

So he leaves, without saying hello or opening his eyes.


Spring was here, and then it went away .

Fear is sprouting like weeds

anywhere it can take root

and it is taking root




Given the current regime running ( into the ground ) the United States Government, I chose a quote by Eric Hoffer for One-Liner Wednesday  at This, That, and The Other. Maybe it will help some of us understand how to fight the monsters nesting and squatting at 1600  Pennsylvnia Ave.

Photo by Thiago Matos on

“You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.”
— Eric Hoffer

Eric Hoffer author of The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer, in which the author discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.

Hoffer analyzes and attempts to explain the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary. He argues that even when their stated goals or values differ, mass movements are interchangeable, that adherents will often flip from one movement to another, and that the motivations for mass movements are interchangeable. Thus, religious, nationalist and social movements, whether radical or reactionary, tend to attract the same type of followers, behave in the same way and use the same tactics and rhetorical tools. As examples, he often refers to Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Christianity, Protestantism, and Islam.

Above Me

 Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday at Linda G Hall’s blog is “figure.”

I figure that the blue sky is somewhere above the clouds- those always present dark black clouds full of crackling lighting, soft snow with teeth and rain -cold, brutal almost invisible to the naked eye, rain.

I think those clouds look heavy, they look like they could crush you- smoother you but they can’t. They are light and float under that Blue Sky as innocent as a newborn puppy with a black dot on it’s caramel colored ear.

No all monsters snap bones, drink blood, hide under your bed with butcher’s knives, marry your daughter and black her eyes  betray your son with his best friend.

Some monsters float above us and hide that Blue Sky for so long, we almost forget it was ever there.