List THIS Santa!

Last Christmas I felt like I had lost my Christmas Spirit- so I dug deep and found it again.


What I came across was how excited I was, as a kid,  about Krampus and how he visited bad kids for Christmas ( and he got the naughty list from Santa- what a snitch!)

So for me it was the ultimate win win- if I was good I got a visit from Santa- if not I got a visit from a demonic monster.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

My holidays were going to be Merry, no matter how bad I screwed up and as a kid I did plenty of that.

So among the things I’m sure showed up on my charge list were:

Well...I did.

Well…I did.

I scared my brother and sister on purpose with my own made up horror stories.

I dug up my neighbor’s yards on the way to school because I was looking for vampires.

I stole penny candies from the store on the corner because I hated one of the cashiers ( to be fair, she did refer to me as the little mongrel girl- my parents were at the time one of the not many mixed race couples living in our hometown ). She’d haul me into the managers office and I’d eat the candy on the way there. I was six and I had no idea I was destroying evidence. I  just liked the look on her face when she saw me chewing and the trail of candy wrappers behind me.

Me and my friend used to climb out the window at school and shimmied across the ledge to the fire escape because our class was two floors up from the ground – we wouldn’t come back even when the teacher caught us. She’d go out on the fire escape and we would crawl around the ledge and try to get into another window. We used to bark like dogs when we did that- I really have no explanation for that part.



But when I was good, well to be perfectly honest about it, my Mom and Dad had a low threshold for that because I was such a little weirdo.

As long as blood, fire or an angry mob wanting my head wasn’t involved, they were pretty happy with me.

Like I said, it was a win-win for me.


What brought back those memories about how much I liked Krampus was an old ornament that I saw in one of my family’s Christmas pictures. He was  pretty vicious looking and he was posed on a fireplace mantle with little Santa and his reindeer figurines.

He was sort of Godzilla sized compare to the delicate little figures.

He was also one of my favorite decorations.

My Grandpa used to tell me about Krampus, but if he was telling a cautionary tale I missed the point ( as I usually did ) and I guess he knew it because he’d pour himself a drink, load up his plate with Bourbon Balls and then he’d launch into a bunch of stories about Krampus. I’m pretty sure he made most of them up because most of the kids who showed up on Krampus’ list were named ” Anita ” or ” Anita Marie ” .

I used to think that was pretty cool.


This year I’m in a much better place with the Christmas Season- and I have Krampus to thank for that- in case you’re wondering what that thunk was, I’m pretty sure it was Santa facepalming himself into a mild head injury.

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!

Anita Marie


Our Random View: Christmas Writing Prompt #1 – Last Christmas


Off To The Holidailies!

It’s time for the 2016 Holidailies and I am IN!

The Holidailies are posts that are related to the Holiday Experience so you will find a lot of cool stories, recipes and photographs with a holiday theme.

If have a site to share, you might want to dive ii. The Goal is to do a post a day, but nobody kicks you off if you can’t.

I hope you’ll stop by my blog- as well as the others you will find listed at the Holidailies site- and you will have as much fun reading as we had creating.



Ten Winter Musings


Imagination Prompt Generator:

Brainstorm 10 reasons why you feel the need to write now.



There is the promise of snow on Monday

Christmas Carols are playing on the radio and it’s time to read Dickens

Bells are jingling everywhere and the stores are stocked with chocolates wrapped in holiday colors

Long Winter Nights mean that ghosts have more time to walk next to me, behind you and they leave no footprints

in the snow.

Krampus visits the wicked this time of year and he likes mulled wine, just like me.

Holly Berries and Mistletoe are poisonous but at this time of the year, who cares?

Winter is fear

and I’m glad it’s




Christmas Wish


This is what I wish for Christmas this year:

Ladislav Mednyánszky

Ladislav Mednyánszky



I hope it snows

I hope it snows a lot

I hope we get buried in the stuff

and then when the sunsets I hope the clouds break away and the stars burn up the night sky.


I hope it snows

I hope the world freezes over

I hope its so cold that my bones ache

and when I think Winter is never going to end and what did I make this stupid wish FOR

Christmas music  comes on the radio


I feel warm and happy in all of that cold.

That’s what I wish for Christmas.


Inspired by The Soul Food Cafe Prompt

Magic Writing Tram: Guided Imagery




It Was A Magical Day

My family is a creative bunch of people- we love to tell stories  and write, we love music and we love to draw and we love to draw and take photographs.

So what better time to celebrate these wonderful gifts then on Thanksgiving?

This year my youngest niece suggested we add touches of Harry Potter to our celebrations.

So she whipped up some Butterbeer:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

And then while sporting my House Sweater ( I’m in Slytherin, I know big  surprise ) me and my nieces and son set up a craft table and made our wands while the turkey roasted:



Everybody say

Everybody say ” Leviosa!”

My family also played bingo for some Holiday Treat Bags, we enjoyed holiday music, my niece put up the tree and  we laughed alot.

It was truly a magical time.

Ask my dog, Hamish Macbeth- he’ll tell you  all about it.

Like I said, we had a magical evening.