Holidailies Prompt: Favorite Winter Memories 



Every first snow of winter  is the best memory ever.

I love that soft crackle when the grass frosts over and the  roads and sidewalks freeze and the concrete twinkles like stars.

No past memory is better then that moment when you step outside in your winter coat and gloves ( I wear mittens ) and your scarf wrapped around your neck and that first blast of cold air hits you and you wonder if going outside at exactly that moment is the best idea you have ever had.

Of course it is and you know if for sure when your start your walk through that first snow of the Winter.

In thinking about it, what makes that first snow so special is the way it turns your every day world into something alien, how it turns a walk, a drive or your own yard into a new world.

A world that is dangerous, mysterious- a world that has teeth.

I love to take walks in the snow at night- there is enough light to make things glow and not enough light to distract you from the sounds and smells of winter.

The first snow sizzles when it hits the ground, just like the first rain after a long dry summer on dead grass.


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