One Night


Our neighborhood doesn’t get any Trick or Treaters anymore.

We haven’t had visits from ghosts or vampires or werewolves or mummies or a single witch for years.

Kids go to the Mall or to festivals. The houses around the Festivals get a lot of Trick or Treaters- but no the rest of us.

We all just sit around and eat candy that no one collects and we don’t even bother to carve pumpkins anymore.


On my way home from the movies, I asked Luis:

” Don’t you think it’s strange not to see a single Devil or Pirate or toilet paper streaming down from a tree or two?”

He said  it did seem odd.

” I think it’s depressing. Not a single costumed monster or little kids dressed up like food or candy.”

I searched through my purse and found my mints. Mints calm me when I start to feel stressed.

” One night, one night where anyone can be anything they want and be rewarded for it. I despair for humanity.”

Luis said he saw my point.

” I love Halloween so. ” I said and then I popped another mint and rolled the window down and let the crisp night chill my bones a little.


When we got home our street was pumpkinless, decoration free, there wasn’t a ghoul or a zombie or a hippie to be seen.

” I guess that’s it for tonight. What a bust. Guess we can turn in for the evening.” I pouted.

” We could still go out, ” Luis said touching my cheek which began to grow wider as my jaw grew heavier and fine silver whisps of fur began to spread from my forehead down my throat to my widening rib cage.

” I’d stick out like a sore thumb. One night. I used to have one night o go out and be like everybody else. People suck. I hope they all get brain rot from their cellphones.”

I got out of our car and slammed the car door shut,  and  then I dropped to my knees and fell forward.

I let out a howl.

Then I sadly trailed up the walk to our door,  dragging my tail behind me.

Ode To A Raven


There was a knock upon my door

it woke me from my sleep

I didn’t reach for a light

I couldn’t even breathe.


It shouldn’t have been


no one should be at my door

all I wanted to do was sleep

But there was a knock upon my door


” Is anyone there? “

a voice echoed  from the dark

” Answer me, are you there?”

And then it knocked again

louder then before


So I crept to my door and I pushed it open

” What do you want?” I demanded

as my door swung open wide

and a horrible white light burned into

my long shut sleeping eyes…


And a voice called from beyond the brightness:

What the hell is that? For God sake shut it, shut that coffin lid NOW!


JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Knock Knock

Date Night


” I thought we’d do something really special for Halloween ”

He and his wife were in their brightly lit kitchen, she was at the counter standing in front of the stove looking up into the cupboard where she kept her spices.

” What’s that. ” she asked after a moment.

” I thought I’d take you somewhere special this year, someplace nice. Someplace near the water. I know how much you love the water.”

” I do.” She closed the cupboard door and walked past him to where she kept her kitchen knives. ” I do love the sound of the Ocean.”

” Great. How about dinner at-”

” But I’m going to make my a pie for after.” She took a knife from the knife rack and then she swung it down and stuck it into the counter.

He did not flinch or move a muscle.

” What kind of pie are you going to make this year dear. ” he asked casually once he got his breath back.

She drew the knife through  the formica counter top as if it were a stick of soft butter.

” I’m not sure. Here. Why don’ you go pick something up for me.”

” Any ideas or-”

When his wife turned around her dark red eyes flared yellow and gold at  him, ” Surprise me dear.” She said as she reached for her cauldron on the stove and handed it to him. “Surprise me. It’s Halloween after all.



Trick or Scream- A Vintage Halloween

The Question is:

And what will you be for Halloween

Will you be wearing a mask?

Who will you be for Halloween

do really have to wear a mask?

Some of us will be ourselves

and how will you ever  know

until we laugh

and make you scream

at least

we  certainly hope so.


Now for your amusement, some vintage Halloween Costumes!

When I compare what my parent’s and Grandparents Generation looked like for Halloween

I can see why no matter what we dressed up like they always said we looked ” cute “


No we couldn’t breathe, but we did have the advantage of sounding like Dark Vader and who cared if we could see?

It was Halloween- nothing is more scary and fun then running with your eyes shut into traffic, am I right?


I don’t know what the person in black on the left is supposed to be, but hands down that is the scariest thing I have

ever seen in one of these vintage pictures.


” Look… Mommy and Daddy blood!”


See You Soon.

Very soon.

When it’s dark







( Let’s ) Haunt The Halls

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Decorations

Let’s Deck The Halloween Halls With Devil’s Fingers

and maybe a bone or two

how about

a served head

a Witch on a broom

a Zombie eating a brain

or a putrid gooey ghoul

I’ll string up some hearts

fresh out of their cages

I’ll raid a coffin or two

so follow me and try not to scream

I’d hate to make decoration




All Who Enter Here

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Follow me- don’t worry- the Sun is shining and it’s lunchtime.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

You’re not worried are you?


Because there’s an interesting story just around the side of this building.

Let’s go.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Go ahead and take a good look- it was here that they found it.

What was it, you ask.

Well, here just follow me a little further down the alley.

They found a head.

A severed human head.

Nobody knows who it was, nobody knows who took it or why.

The mouth had been sewn shut and the tongue was missing.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It was a big story a few years ago- it was in all of the papers.

But the tongue thing, that wasn’t in the papers.

Oh just a second I have a key… let me just give the door a little push, it gets stuck sometimes.


I rented this place a few years ago.

There’s something inside I want to show you.

Come on, I know it’s dark in here and smells a little funny but you’ll…


What’s with the look?

What’s the matter with you?

Cat got your tongue?

That’s ok.

Saves me the trouble.

A.M. Moscoso's Niece: P. Knapp

A.M. Moscoso’s Niece: P. Knapp

(based on a true story)


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Boo

Demonic Kleenex Ads

Clyfford Still

Clyfford Still

” Do you think this is creepy? ” my friend said in an email with a link to this commercial for Kleenex from Japan.


Probably not I thought before I skipped over the link.

But then I hit play anyway-

just like they do in the movies:

There’s an Urban Legend surrounding this commercial- all the way from the entire crew  is dead and that the actress committed suicide ( not true ) to the story that the baby is a demon ( who knows- evil chuckle ) and to top it off there’s story that the commercial was pulled by public demand because people found it and the weird way the song has been recorded to creepy.

You know, I wish this was the story hitting social media here in the states instead of Creepy Clown hysteria- .

In my mind the scariest things are the things that we ALMOST feel and that we ALMOST hear or see from the corner of our eye.

Just something for you to think about when you try to get to sleep tonight and your nose starts to run

and you reach for that Kleenex.