Trick or Scream- A Vintage Halloween

The Question is:

And what will you be for Halloween

Will you be wearing a mask?

Who will you be for Halloween

do really have to wear a mask?

Some of us will be ourselves

and how will you ever  know

until we laugh

and make you scream

at least

we  certainly hope so.


Now for your amusement, some vintage Halloween Costumes!

When I compare what my parent’s and Grandparents Generation looked like for Halloween

I can see why no matter what we dressed up like they always said we looked ” cute “


No we couldn’t breathe, but we did have the advantage of sounding like Dark Vader and who cared if we could see?

It was Halloween- nothing is more scary and fun then running with your eyes shut into traffic, am I right?


I don’t know what the person in black on the left is supposed to be, but hands down that is the scariest thing I have

ever seen in one of these vintage pictures.


” Look… Mommy and Daddy blood!”


See You Soon.

Very soon.

When it’s dark







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