The Devil You Say!

This is a post from Journal, which I keep forgetting to use. So this is me writing an entry at Lost Creek.

Lost Creek Journal

I was struggling with why I keep Facebook in my life and what it came down to was the comments.

When I read the comments on my Facebook page I can’t help but read between the lines- it’s more fun that way.

So settle on back, have a drink and let’s watch my Friend List tank at Facebook together, shall we?

Dear Anita:

Please write about your personal life because a troll’s gotta do what a troll’s gotta do and I’m really hoping to find out your life sucks the big one because I never liked you.

Dear Anita:

Please don’t put all that Political stuff on your Facebook Page- I don’t like it. Plus I’m a major racist and ammosexual and  I have to see you at Christmas .

PS should I bring a pie?

Dear Anita

I’m only here because I have a new Profile Picture up and…

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Who’s In Charge Here?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is a Monk Fish.

Maybe this Monk Fish was a highly regarded Monk Fish within the Monk Fish Community.

Maybe he was the life of Monk Fish parties and gatherings. Maybe he had a Girlfriend AND wife. Maybe he was friends with some pretty rich Monk Fish and he always managed to be seen and photographed at important Monk Fish Events.

I think it’s also possible this Monk Fish thought of himself as a clever and slick Monk Fish kind of Guy.

I’m just pulling your fin ( Yes fin, not finger. I’m staying on the fish topic  here).

The reality is I am not sure about any of these things.

But I know  a couple of things for certain.

This Monk Fish ended up on ice attached to a wire that a fish Monger pulled to make the Monk fish move and I took a picture of it and laughed.

That’s the thing about our lives and the Monk Fish’s ultimate fate.

Sometimes we move through our lives because it’s our life to move through and we decide where live and what to wear and what to eat.

We are in charge of our own lives by Jove! Nobody is the Boss of me!

And sometimes in our very next breath we end up on ice attached to a chain that anyone can pull at any time they want just for the Hell of it.

It would be great to know if anyone is in charge here, but really would it matter?

That table with the ice and the chain is always there- if not in the fish market then it’s in a boardroom or classroom or Grandma’s Dining Room  and I don’t think it cares who is on top of it.

And no matter what kind of life I think the Monk Fish had- and like I said I could be totally wrong about the specifics, I think we all have more in common with Mr Monk Fish then we’d like to admit.

Daily Addiction Prompt: Authority



Strictly Speaking

Photo A.M. Moscoso

When someone stands over you

with a gun or a badge, with an open hand or a fist

with the key to the door that you can’t exit or enter


they are holding a gun or a badge or their hand is closed into a fist or  they are holding the key that we need to get through that door

we are told, schooled, expected

to show

the badge

or the gun

or the fist



If you want to keep body and soul together

if you want in or out of that door


show  it from your knees

while  your eyes are fixed firmly on the ground.


Time to make our actions match our words.

When we say


we are really saying

Fear Me

Fear My Power.


Maybe that is why

so many of us

have problems with




Daily Addiction Prompt: Respect

Jesus Cakes

( As macabre as I am, no way in Hell would I carve up a cake head that looks like Jesus and eat it with ice cream)

I know we are all aware of the recent court ruling that says no one shall force a baker to bake anything  except for Jesus Cakes for Jesus People.

I’m not being snarky, that is exactly what it is all about.



Jesus Christ why is this even an issue?

(This is exactly what it looks like- this is a resurrection cake because Jesus.)

I have worked for two bookstores in the  past- mega chain stores that sold things like The Turner Diaries, Books about how to make bombs, Porn and those Oprah Winfrey recommended books ( all of which I hated )

Of course the ” mission statement” stated that we sold books- even the banned books, the gross books the books that most people wouldn’t buy let alone read and if they did they wouldn’t even bother to burn it or shred it up for fear of having its remains show up in the air we breathe.

Yeah, it sounds noble. It’s also a load of baloney.

What it came down to is the bottom line.

If your business is selling books you’re not going to dump inventory that you can sell and make a profit from.  It defeats the purpose of running a bookstore.

So if there are bakers who only want to bake Jesus Cakes for Jesus People the only thing that is going to get hurt in the long run is their own bottom line.

For example, if I know that a bakery only bakes Jesus Cakes for Jesus People, I will  not recommend them to anyone, even Christian Extremists because of this : I’m guessing that if their bottom line tanks because I won’t be the only person who feels this way,  the Jesus Bakers who only want to bake Jesus  Cakes for Jesus People will have to raise their prices.

Plus they’ll have to limit their inventory and staff.

Doesn’t sound like a very reliable bakery, does it?

All you will be able to get are cakes that a Jesus Baker SAYS you can have.


(  Jesus looks like the reason why open bars at weddings aren’t always such a good idea )

So if you have a Jesus Bakery in your community, it’s best to not recommend them to anyone- not even the “traditional” friends you have who are looking for Wedding Cakes or cookies or whatever the heck else they sell that Hostess and Little Debbies doesn’t cover because in a Jesus Bakery where they make Jesus Cakes for Jesus People the customer is not a priority.

The Jesus Baker and their personal opinions are the priority.

There are a lot of great bakeries who put their customers first- and at the time of a wedding or a baby shower or birthday or graduation I’m sure that even Jesus would want that for you too.

Curious World: The Dirty Thunderstorm

For Inspiration I consider The Dirty Thunderstorm aka Volcano Lighting

At The Crossroads

I had this obnoxious former In- Law who really hated the Pacific Northwest. She thought that Colorado has where any and all interesting Geological history was or had happened.

She referred to the Pacific Northwest as the land of ” Volcanic Spew ” and said that there was nothing to be learned from studying the geology of this area.

I’m not sure where all of the hate for Washington state came from, but it just goes to show you ignorance and stupidity can be born from even the most over fed college educated brain and when you’re faced with it- educate yourself.

It’s the best way to deal with willful ignorance.

Over the years I have tried to  up on the research surrounding volcanos,  especially off world volcanos. But  one of the things that always intrigued me about the Volcanos here on earth were the stories about what was called ” Volcano Lightning.”

Less romantically known…

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