Where The Sun Fell

Photo A.M. Moscoso

What is it about the dark that brings out the Devil in us? What is it about the dark that gives flesh and bone to the things that make us afraid?

Or in my case, what is it about the dark that makes me feel like I’ve grown wings and I can fly?

In the last few days I went out to look for a little of that darkness, I went out and learned some great ghost stories- and of course on the night I went out to learn the stories it was dark and a very light rain was falling.


I found a place where it was dark and the Sunlight and all of the fences that each little beam brings with it is not allowed in.

So in this place I visited it is always dark, there are many secrets to be learned.

I will share one with you-

when you go to these places you always leave a little of yourself there- until, I believe all of you is there.

At least, that’s what I hope.


Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photographed At

The Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC

Daily Prompt: BLACK


The Christmas Tree Tiara of Shame


I spent six dollars on the Christmas Tree Tiara that my dog wore for 2 seconds.


We took a half dozen pictures and only 2 didn’t look a dark brown apparition was trying to leap out of the picture to freedom and beyond.

Right after the camera clicked for what would be the final shot, Hamish tossed is head back, the Tiara flew up into the air he caught it and then he tried to eat it.

As I pried the sparkly Tiara from his jaws I became determined in that moment when it felt like Hamish hocked up a quart of spit all over my hand to make sure

THE CHRISTMAS TREE TIARA OF SHAME is used over and over and over again.

Why? Because I am like that…so here it is…the beginning of the many adventures of

The Christmas Tree Tiara of Shame.


Here the Devilish Sparkler claims it’s first victim:

Hamish Macbeth


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Two days later The Christmas Tree Tiara of Shame claims it’s  second victim:

Micey The Cat

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

I got it on Micey, he sat there, I took his picture and that night Micey barfed on my carpet.

I think that Micey won that one.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The Season has yet to begin and the Christmas Tree Tiara of Shame has struck twice.



The Revenant’s Confession


I was the shadow at the top of the stairs

I was that cool breeze that turned your blood cold

I was the dark under your bed

nesting in your closet

when you hoped to God you were really alone.


I was there when you reached out into to the darkness

felt along the wall and turned the light on

I was the nothing that night in your room.


I was with you before you fell asleep

I watched your eyes close

I watched your breathing slow



I watched it




Photo A.M. Moscoso

Daily Prompt: Mystery


B/W Photo Challenge Day2

It’s a funny expression:

” You only see things in black and white”

The expression implies that one who views the world in black and white has an uncompromising view of the world.

I beg to differ.

Here are some of my pictures in black and white- void of color they pose questions, they’re slightly ominious and not so easy to understand.

I call them:

” They Were Right There ”

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso