Snowcation 2019

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I spent Seattle’s Snowmageddon ( it doesn’t matter WHERE you live in Washington state, the entire state is called ” Seattle ” in case you haven’t noticed ) reading some great books, I watched a couple of good movies like The Velvet Buzzsaw which was is RESPLENDANT and the BEST horror Film I have seen in over two years:

Besides doing those fun things I ate pizza and burritos and lived in my favorite Halloween fleece pants and sweatshirts because WHY NOT.

I happen to think that wearing Halloween winter wear  is  fun too.

Did I create snow art  to commemorate   Seattle’s Snowmageddon?

Did I build artistic, clever and humorous snowmen that ended up on the news and the internet?

Gads no.

I suck at art, but I did take some pictures that I liked but technically they suck too.

Anyway, here they are:

My lavender plant  that looked like a severed head.

20190209_073625-1-933041518.jpg Photo…

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The Writer Is Not Well


The Devil is trapped in the Writer’s garden

it smells like apples and the Writer is serving tea


The Devil is trapped in the Writer’s garden

and he

desperately wants to escape

because he is sure

The Writer who is serving him Tea


devious, loveable, wicked to the bone

a true Devil in the strictest sense of the word


He is sure


wants to keep him

in her Garden

that smells like apples


drinking tea

because the symphony of screams

playing in her head

could use one more member

in the Choir.