Let’s All Be Turtles

I once saw a turtle chase a Sand Tiger Shark around the Audubon Aquarium of The Americas in New Orleans and slap it down every chance it got.

I learned two things.

Sand Tiger Sharks don’t eat Green Sea Turtles and Turtles have some serious attitude!

So sure, New Orleans was awesome but that moment was one of my favorite memories of on any vacation I have ever taken.

From the Aquarium website- I wonder if that’s the tough turtle and one of the sharks I saw him smack down?


I think this is what happens to anyone who is forced to be something that they are not:


“Lucy, The Chimp Who Believed She Was Human” tells the initially sad story of a chimpanzee named Lucy who was adopted by a human couple in an odd psychological experiment. The couple received Lucy at two days old, but as she grew older and bigger, she began to lash out at the people around her-youtube