The Sounds of The Silent No More

These are clips of sounds- odd, interesting and in some cases scary ( Yay and Hoozah! ).

I find some them frightening because I have the sense that these are sounds ( in some cases ) that we were never meant to hear- but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t meant for somebody else


maybe somebody else is someone you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark road, or climbing out of the ocean when you’re all alone on the beach or falling on you from a sky full of fire.

Today’s RDP word is ‘ horror’ and I can write about that all day long. But I thought it would be interesting to post something that can show you what leads me to that place I go to find my stories.

Check these clips out and see if you find them as inspirational as I do.

Anita Marie

2 thoughts on “The Sounds of The Silent No More

    • My favorite was the sounds of ‘screaming children’ that the divers were hearing underwater and of course the sounds from space. The idea that you can hear what is happening on another planet? Fantastic.

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