Words Were Said


She sought me out

at his funeral

and I smelled a rat as she waved to get my attention


she had always avoided me or pretended to not know me

when we crossed paths in the big old world.


So I stood there oozing morbid curiosity from every pore

and she walked up to me and said with her chin in the air and fire in her eye

” I voted for Donald Trump- twice ”

And the only thing I could think to say was,

” I’m wearing my new Victoria Secret Underwear and it cost more then my entire

outfit- shoes included. I thought I was the only  crazy person here until now.”


I think I’m going  to lie low for awhile because moments like that

should be savored alone, plus I’m afraid that if someone who  overheard  us, they

will come back and ask me  how much I spent on my underwear and when I tell them

they really will think I really was the only crazy person there that day.

Parting Words


Before Covid-19 I used to go to the Symphony on New Years Eve.

I would buy a cool dress, get my hair done and show up in time to happily throw myself into a packed hall, toss back some white wine and then carefully make my way to my seat because I’m a lightweight and one glass of wine gets me tipsy.

Then I would sit back and rock out- this year it would have been to Strauss and Mozart.

This year,instead of having fun,  I am at  home not doing anything  in the way of celebrating because I am to bitter and to angry to care about having fun.

I am angry because during the height of the plague enough of the population believed that if they ignored he plague it would go away. Of course it did not.

I am bitter because after  a vaccine went public,  enough of the population believed that ingesting medicine that is used to rid horses of worms was a legitimate option to fight Covid-19 and


we now have a new variant to deal with and enough of the population went back to believing that if we ignore it, this will go away too.

We are screwed because if the Horse Med Population are still hard at spreading the virus it will mutate into a slug like creature with wings that flies into your ear and lays eggs in your sinus cavities  and spreads Covid-19 when the larvae hatch.

I wish I laughed as I wrote that, but I didn’t.

The fact is, I am not doing anything fun tonight because I despise enough of the population that going out among them for fun would result in me vomiting an ocean of bile.

But this is the last year I am doing this.

I don’t know what 2022 is going to look like, but odd are that as long as there are Freedumb  Lovers downing dewormer meds for livestock we are in for the same if not worse.

But I have no intention off missing a single note by Mozart next year.

Next year I will be in a hall enjoying the symphony, I will be wearing a nice dress, feeling a little tipsy from a glass of wine while my world burns around me.

With the way I am feeling tonight, I just might enjoy that too.