Words Were Said


She sought me out

at his funeral

and I smelled a rat as she waved to get my attention


she had always avoided me or pretended to not know me

when we crossed paths in the big old world.


So I stood there oozing morbid curiosity from every pore

and she walked up to me and said with her chin in the air and fire in her eye

” I voted for Donald Trump- twice ”

And the only thing I could think to say was,

” I’m wearing my new Victoria Secret Underwear and it cost more then my entire

outfit- shoes included. I thought I was the only  crazy person here until now.”


I think I’m going  to lie low for awhile because moments like that

should be savored alone, plus I’m afraid that if someone who  overheard  us, they

will come back and ask me  how much I spent on my underwear and when I tell them

they really will think I really was the only crazy person there that day.

3 thoughts on “Words Were Said

    • I have loads of stories from funerals I worked at that went super sideways, but those are private and when I use them I do composites and change up everything except that moment that tells a story. Like a line or something. However when it’s my story…LOL I will spare no one. Myself included 🙂

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