Johannnn Gustav Lange ( 1811-1887 “Winter forest landscape in the moonlight”

I hope it snows

because for a few days ( maybe ) I won’t see the needles, or human waste or the masks that homeless people use for toilet paper , I won’t see the trash and the clothes, I won’t have to clean up heaps of cardboard padded with bug infested garbage bags and sleeping bags that reek of rat urine, for a few days the world will look clean and bright

I hope it snows.

Charles Leaver (1824–1888)


Itttsss Caaaatuurrday!

Welcome to my special edition of CCAAAATURDAY!

I’m looking for festive felines to celebrate Caturday with and today I’ve gone with the

beautiful ” Werewolf Cat “

Here are some tasty tidbits of Info on these magnificent creatures:

The Lykoi felines get their spooky features from a naturally-occurring Sphynx cat mutation mixed with black domestic shorthair.

They have no hair around their eyes, noses, ears and muzzles – but have consistently patchy coats of fur on the rest of their bodies.

Werewolf cats  behave like dogs as they hunt for prey and toys- my cats did that and they weren’t Werewolf cats. They were raised by my dogs, Domino and Cerberus. I loved my cats, but if they had looked like Werewolf cats that would have been pawesome.

Ghostly Prompts For The Christmas Season

Earlier this month I posted a story about my family telling ghost stories at Christmas- it’s a Victorian Tradition and one that I really enjoy taking part in. I’ve posted some links here for a little inspiration and if this Winter you have that feeling in your bones ( that can only be a ghost story trying to make it’s way into the world ) then you might find these useful too.


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