Well This One Hurt My Brain

Gertrude Abercrombie

Gun Lobbyists ( aka The NRA ) have floated the idea out there that Teachers should be armed in case a killer shows up and starts shooting. This way the Lobbyists and their donors say, the children will be protected.

This  is my question.

A lot of us here in the States are familiar with the situation where a six year old shot their teacher.

If the teacher had been armed, as the Lobbyists for the Gun Industry say,  she could have shot the six year old in self defense. The Lobbyists for the Gun Industry ( aka The NRA ) would have called this something like a righteous kill and then gone on to double dog dared you to do as much as LOOK at their God Given Right to own guns.

So in that split second when the six year pulls out their gun and the teacher pulls out their gun, who do you think is going to pull the trigger first?

Just coddle that image in your brain.

A teacher and a six year old in a standoff involving guns  in a classroom and now ask yourself-

Why the HELL are we even having this conversation? How did we get here?


2 thoughts on “Well This One Hurt My Brain

  1. Imagine shooting a six year old!!! That teachers life would be hell for the rest of their life. The US is so far down the toilet now even my SIL the plumber couldn’t save you

    • It was such an easy quip- arm the teachers! That will fix the problem with school shootings. If anyone took that plan seriously you can see that the reality is the person holding the gun won’t always be an adult, that it won’t always be a stranger. I don’t know if people who love their guns don’t love the idea that they have the power of life or death just a bit more.

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