The Last of the Spirits


On the day after Christmas, the first thing to pop into my head when I open my eyes is ” Now what. ”

Since October I’ve been writing with the long dark nights as inspiration- I’ve been channeling surfing on the radio ( yes, I use a radio ) listening for different takes on Christmas Carols, I’ve gone on line looking for holiday sweaters and when I walk my dog I look for places where I can take pictures of him with holiday decorations in the background.

Now all I have to look forward to is the Spring.

Spring is the time of year when there is too much light, I wear clothes that look awful on me because Spring colors are pale and pasty and trimmed with delicate things like lace or eensy weensy flowers and itsy bitsy buttons.

I am not a pasteley person who likes to wear prints with weensy flowers and stupid delicate buttons that whisper ‘ Spring ‘

When Spring rolls around the shadows roll back and I feel like exposed and clunky and out of place. When I see bottles of sunblock show up on store shelves I want to do what Scrooge suggested with a little twist:

“If I could work my will,” said Scrooge indignantly, “Every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!”

Scrooge ” A Christmas Carol.”

I want to bury that bottle of Sunblock in the heart of the first person who babbles on about needing the Sun and how they don’t feel alive unless they’re out sweating under a bright blazing Sun and they break out their sunglasses to- funny enough – keep the Sun out of their eyes.


The world after Christmas is a boring one.

Blah, blah, blah, I’ve been so cold, blah, blah, blah I hate the dark, whine, whine, whine , I need the Sun.

Not EVERBODY does.

So in our retail driven culture we now zip through holidays and with that we think we can zip through the Seasons too.

I think there’s an app for that now.

Devil take it all

I quit the Human Race.


So now that I am bound to be forced into an early Spring, I guess that this year I will wear lots and lots of black. I’ll wear my sunglasses indoors and cry about all of this awful light and remind my Sun Worshipping Friends of all the diseases they can get from tanning themselves and how the Pharaoh Akhenaten worshipped the Sun too and how his people turned on him for it ( Ok, I played with the details a bit, but  it’s close enough to make my point ).


I am a Spring Scrooge.

I have no use for soft breezes and sun dappled streams and sitting under an umbrella drinking coffee ( someone needs to explain that to me) when it’s 80 degrees out.

Keep Spring in your way- and here keep mine too. I don’t want it. And may you both end up looking like over done microwaved hot dogs.

Bah Humbug- Bah Humbug I say!


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A Day Less Jolly



On the Day after Christmas I did something new-

I went to the store.

I went to Walmart.

I learned a couple of things yesterday.

First of all I learned that in the Consumer Universe I am a novice, a beginner, I am without the survival skills one needs to compete in the shopping aisles on the day after Christmas.


People were mean and hostile- they road raged with shopping carts and a few of them were talking to their kids in a way I wouldn’t have talked to my own dog. My sister gave me her shopping cart and I hid at the end of an aisle were there weren’t any sale signs and tried to not make eye contact with the shoppers who strayed into such areas.


I did buy a couple of things- and when I was done I all but ran for the safety of my Sister’s car.

” Those people scared me.” said I- the former Mortician’s Apprentice, the writer of macabre, the woman who used to sit in the basement of a columbarium because it was warm down there and quiet.

” They are scary Anita. ” said my sister in a whisper. ” They are very, very scary. I should know. I do this all of the time.”

I backed away from my Sister and I was careful to not look her in the eye.


Next year I think I’ll stay home and skip the trip to the store. That experience unnerved me and no one should have to feel that kind of fear  with ” Frosty The Snowman ” playing endlessly from a two dollar Christmas card ( half off ) hidden on a picked over shelf of discounted Christmas Decorations.





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My Top Three Christmas Movies

Our Random View: Christmas Countdown- Top Three Christmas Films


# 3

I have watched this movie every year at Christmas after it came out in 2002.

It’s about Hope and Redemption.

It’s Bubba- Ho-Tep- and as far as I’m concerned it’s got the Christmas feeling down cold




You know that feeling you get when you get a gift that you weren’t expecting and it turns out to be the best one of the lot? That’s what this episode of the Twilight Zone makes me feel.

The ending is just delicious.

Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up:


It has Ghosts, Fear, Death. It’s dark and the main character’s business partner supposedly just up and died for no reason ( Ha!).

Any CSI fan knows it probably wasn’t that simple.

At Any rate,  my favorite Christmas  movie of all time is

A Christmas Carol:

Chritstmas Tree

Tell Your Grandfather I Said Hello



On Christmas Eve my Sister and our Mom and my nieces went to the cemetery to set flowers on our Dad’s grave.

It was cold that day- bright and cold.

My nieces joined my sister at the graveside and one of my nieces looked down at her Grandfather’s grave and didn’t quite shout:

” Grandma stayed in the car. She’s cold. She said to say hi.”


When they told me that, I cracked up.

Why n0t.

Dad would have too.


Vilhelm Hammershøi,

Vilhelm Hammershøi,


When I got to my Sister’s place later that day I let my dog out of the car and he took a victory lap around her yard and then he peed on her inflatable Rudolph.  I called him back before he could whiz on her Santa but I may have been to late. I can’t be sure. My eyes were closed. Seeing him pee on a happy Rudolph so wrong.

That night when she hit the switch and the inflatable decorations started to fill with air and come to life Rudolph took the longest.

We watched him struggle to come to life and then he simply gave it up and started to shrink.

” I think Hamish’s pee killed him.” I said wondering how many other people were stringing those words together on Christmas Eve.

My sister loves my dog. ” No.  I saw Rudolph’s Soul leave his eyes yesterday. It’s sad. I wonder if I can get one on sale after Christmas?”

I looked down at Hamish and he was wagging his tail.

” And here people think I’m the morbid one. I am outing you guys. ” I looked down at my dog. ”  You too.”

They both walked into the house and my sister was laughing- or it could have been my dog.

It was one of those nights when the odd and macabre came joined my fmaily Christmas Festivities and to be honest-

I wouldn’t have expected it to be otherwise.

My Niece and Hamish Macbeth- aka The Rudolph Slayer

My Niece and Hamish Macbeth- aka The Rudolph Slayer