Mr. Punch


A closed fist, an opened hand a jab of the finger

a gesture with a cruel point.

A cool festive drink, often served cold and always sweet

given the place of honor on a holiday table.

A psychotic puppet with a maniacal laugh

Mr. Punch is all of these things.

Amelia In The Frame

RDP Thursday – DEEP


Her name is Amelia and she hangs upon my wall

trapped in a frame

from a five and ten cent store.


Her eyes are flat and cold

her cheeks are pale and slack

Her jaw is wired shut

there are metal hands upon her back.


The bow on top her head

has been tied with love and care

and someone long ago

curled her long brown hair.


Her dress was to big and her shoes didn’t fit

and every time

she saw them hanging  in her closet

she closed her eyes and said;

” Ma, I’m just dying to wear this dress. ”

Before winter hit,  she did.



You Go Here

Photo by Mark Neal on

On the 5th of November I turned another year older.

I’m into my 50’s now and for the most part I don’t mind getting older, though I wish my knee didn’t hurt for no good reason and I wish I could still read itty bitty printing.

The only thing I dreaded were the ” now you’re old ” speeches and advice that people dish out when you hit the big 5-0. I’d heard a lot of this advice flying around me in the past, but it’s another kettle of fish when it comes straight at you and smacks you in the face.

My Dad’s Mother told me- when I was a teenager- that when a woman turned 50 she should cut her hair- yeah that wasn’t going to happen to this girl  being I was a huge fan of Ann Margret and my goal was to have long wild and wavy hair FOREVER.

My Grandma’s advice reflected a sad view on life.  If you’re past the breeding phase, it’s time to walk away from being considered pretty or sexy.

But she also  said that when a woman turned 50 she could wear red lipstick and diamonds  and if she wanted she could even swear – oh- and you could talk out of turn and tell dirty jokes.

So Grandma Ginger’s advice may have sounded a bit dated but she also passed on the side advice that when you turned 50 you could almost do whatever you wanted.

On the other hand when I did turn 50 my so enlightened women friends who should have known better- being that they used words like ” She-ro ” instead of Hero but oddly they also used  cutesy  words like ” Rapey ” and scolded men who used it too and  they were first in line to ride zip-lines and held jobs that our Mother’s generation could never had held because they had a vagina,  and  they scolded women for coloring their hair and not letting it go gray and told me that if you went to a restaurant alone or with other women you’d get a lousy table and the wait staff would ignore you.

Here’s the thing, my Grandmother passed on advice because that’s the world she lived in, but she had also found a way to skirt it and she passed that on too.

My modern day friends?

Gee ladies, I’m sorry if you feel like you became invisible when you turned 50 and maybe it was miserable for you, but it wasn’t for me.

My first thought when I hit  50 was,  ” Well. What next Anita Marie?”

And it’s been an adventure of sorts ever since.

So are you turning 50 soon?

Take my advice, do like I did and think of Ann Margret and her fabulous hair,  wear flashy makeup, learn some great jokes and if anyone tells you different, well.

Screw them.


The Owner Of The House


She asked her husband, once, why he never read what she wrote

she asked her best friend

her sister

and her son

the same question.


” Because, ” her husband said

and her sister and best friend told her


her Son admitted

that it was bad enough to see the monsters

looking out from her eyes

and to hear the ghosts in her voice

and catch the Devil in her face

but the thought of seeing them

on a page

and in their hands


free of the house

where they live with me- under word and key

would mean that the ghosts and devils and monsters


loose and that  the Ghosts and Devils and Monsters

know who





and Sister

and best friend


and where they live  and sleep.

One Shell

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I have cracked open a lot of eggs in my time  but I have never cracked one open and had two yolks plop out.

I know that there are lots of stories about double yolkers that involve death, fertility and big hens but that aside it is pretty cool to have something out of the ordinary turn up in your kitchen while  you’re waiting for you toast to pop up.