It Was That Kind Of Day

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She timed it so that she would be seated in the boardroom first, before any of those little pissants that were about to do her in drove up the ramp into the car park of the building that she built brick by brick with her own two hands.

Well she signed the paperwork that brought it all into being but why split hairs now?

Cassandra Nevada was about to be ruled irrelevant and fired and turned away from the only job she had ever had or done well for that matter.

She could have played with her phone as she waited, she could have carved a litteny of profanity- Profanity being one of the many languages she had mastered- at her Father’s insistence and her Mother’s overbearing ‘support’ so that she could be the very best Cassandra Nevada the world had ever known.

She spun around and around in her chair and wondered what she would do with all of the time that would be dropped into her lap. Eating a lot of pizza and drinking heavily she guessed. She saw a lot of cats and in her future too.

The door opened and for a minute it would appear it had opened on it’s one because no one was in the doorway.

But then one pallid face after another gathered in the opening and they filed in- trying very hard to pretend that they were looking her square in the face. Of course they weren’t and that brought the tiniest of smiles to the corners of Cassandra’s mouth.

” Good morning Ms Nevada” Pert and sassy Kirsten Simpson chirped as she closed the door behind herself.

Ah. Kirsten Simpson it appeared was the designated Hatchetman. Of course. Send her in last. Just like a Bride walking down the aisle to meet her Groom.

This was her day apparently.

” I’ve had better, not many but you know. Better.”

They all took their seats and Kirsten jumped right into the fire.

” The direction of this company, your company has changed and it comes with no small pleasure that you as an individual have not changed with us.”

” Really?” Cassandra was honestly surprised. ” I thought you’d be over joyed with that. I mean, ” Cassandra stood up and at least 8 eight chairs slid back from the conference table and the rest of them tried for no good reason to push themselves closer to it. ” look at all you’ll have to gain.”

” Everything- every single pie I have put my fingers into, every single deal I have ever made, every man, woman and child-even the ones who aren’t born yet that will call on us and the services we offer to help them in their time of need.”

” That’s the problem Ms. Nevada. You own so much and all of it is built on old technology, dated research and to be honest your public image…”

” Careful there Sweetheart.”

” It’s a bit- intimidating for-

” Don’t.”

” A woman.”

” Christ on a horse, you really went there.”

” The point is, we need a more approachable and user friendly image and you are not able to project that.”

” You know Kirsten, that was the point. We do serious deals with serious people. ”

” That model-”

Cassandra was trying very hard to not let- to coin a phrase her Mother used- to let her devil’s horns show. Once you lost control of yourself her Father believed you were toast. And he would know. He had a long history of popping arteries.

” The model where we actually ask for signatures- written- not printed, not followed by little emojis on actual paper? That we only used clocks with faces and hands in our offices That I demand my employees are fluent in at least three languages and that yes we are actually closed down on Sundays?”

” Locking us out of our system on Sundays puts us behind, we spend all day-”

” Working. Which is what you get paid for.”

” Come on release me. Go ahead. ”

And they did.

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Cassandra found herself in those last moments in her Company with Kirsten.

” You know, my parents insisted I master Math and Latin. Did you know that?”

” I think we put that out on one of our older info promos we did back in the day.”

” They believed that Math like music is the Universal language. And Latin. So many rules,so many lessons in Latin. It was painful to have to learn a dead language. It’s not like I could trot up to the executive washroom and shoot the breeze with people in it. I am literally the only person in this entire organization that knows it.”

Kirsten looked smug. Cassandra was outdated and old school and she just proved her point- thank you very much.

” Why did they insist on it, if it was a dead language. Your parents were a bit on the theatrical side if not practical from what I understand.”

Cassandra Nevada leaned into Kirsten’s ear and whispered, ” Because, you can raise all sorts of hell with that dead language. All kinds of Hell. ”

And then Cassandra pushed her hair away from her face and she went ahead and let her horns show because it was that kind of day.


Daily Addictions Prompt: EXEMPLIFY 




She wanted her blood

her bones

she wanted to feast upon her



And she did


Every last dark and poisonous drop.

That is why

my foolish little friend

your nights



and they never seem to end


Envy is a sin

for good a


good reason


Daily Addictions Prompt: GENERATE

You’re A Mean Ol’ Chowder Head Anita!

I am a musician

who does not like

The Beatles


Led Zepplin

I like

The Who

Because Roger Daltrey is cute.


I am a Democrat

who cannot stand

Bernie Sanders

and  the Bernie Bros and Bernie Bots


one day I read and was told:

” Bernie is like your cool older College Professor, you’re smart

Anita Marie

Follow Bernie, listen to US!”

I may have listened

had they been cute


Roger Daltrey.



I never went to college



sheeple flame my Facebook wall


I have not

Fallen to my knees and begged for his leadership and their guidance

and asked to receive

The Blessings from The Fold.


Unlike Roger Daltrey

Bernie Sanders

and his Bros

are not cute.


I am not tuned in, I am not woke, I am not aware.

I was told



on my Facebook Wall

by the Bernie Fans, By The Beatles Fans

Devotees of the highest most righteous order

None of them

as I have pointed out

are as cute as

Roger Daltrey.



For these sins

I  have been tagged



which is not a bad thing

when you consider the source

it’s not a bad thing




Daily Addictions Prompt: CONTROVERSY

Fast Forward This Part Already!

Two wax department store mannequins melting from a heat wave in London, England (1929)


Part of me would like to have a few more Summer like days- plenty of Sunshine and Blue skies and in the evening I want to sit outside and look up an evening sky full of stars.

But that part is a stupid dork and I cannot wait for Summer to be over.

I hate the heat, the smoke from fires from God knows where and I hate being reminded that women my age need to be careful to not wear any sort of Summer clothing that will draw attention to ourselves because women in their 50’s are so offensive to the eye.  That pretty much leaves us to wearing boxy oatmeal colored outfits and flip flops with – if you’re wild enough- little flowers on them somewhere.


I do enjoy the being in the Mountains or hiking with my dog who is only four years old so the world is pretty brand spanking new to him.

I love watching Hamish literally quiver with excitement when he sees ducks ( he loves watching them swim )  or finds food tossed in the bushes and the joy he has trying to find a way to let me near him so he can get it.

But for the most part when I look up and see that stupid flaming star of ours I want to spit.

I struggle with my hatred of Summer and everything it has to offer- I know it’s not a rational hatred.

On the other hand, people who are insanely attached to a Star that is destined to day burn the Earth to a crisp  while slathered in sunscreen and not enough deodorant or too much perfume isn’t rational either, is it?

Daily Addictions Prompt: Wrangle