The Duck Pond

This was inspired by a Writing Prompt where you pick three spooky words and write a poem or story based on the words.

I chose Banshee, Corrupted and Creep.


Banshee blood

corrupted, cursed and revolting

it’s pooling in a pond where I used to feed  the ducks.


Who will cage it?

will anyone  swim in it?

Who will watch it creep towards the shore?

Will anybody grab a bucket, sponge scream out in fear

more likely then not

everyone will  pretend as if it’s not there.


Banshee blood

corrupt,  cursed and revolting

I wonder if the Ducks that I used to feed

wished it wasn’t there.


Horace Says

According to my clock, it’s time to wake up

according to my calendar there are places I should be

according to the note I left myself, there are books I’m supposed to read

according to Universe and all of the planet therein

if I drop one or the other

the Heavens will continue to spin.


The Fearsome Bermonths

Photo by David Cassolato on

The Bermonths are here.

They rode in last night in tombstone gray Jeeps with dogs riding shotgun and Robert Johnson blasting from the speakers.

The Bermonths have arrived and they will turn the skies dark and they fill them with black clouds and snow and rain.

The Bermonths are here and they are goin to turn the the soft green leaves of Summer dry and orange and red and brown .

The Bermonths are here and they wake up the ghosts sleeping in graveyards and call to the monsters that have been hiding all year in basements and attics and from under your bed and from out of neighbors closets and from that hole you dug in your garden in the middle of the night to open their eyes and come out and smell the cool, dark air.

The Bermonths are here and I think we should all be a little afraid.

And pleased.


September 1, 2019

Remember Me


A few weeks ago I saw the remains

of a person who had been hit by a train.


They were scattered along the tracks-

and it was hard to imagine that these parts

had once been together

and that

they had been an entire single body

and that body

had a name and a place in the world.


Strewn along the tracks

is not a place in the world anyone should occupy

and nobody should be called by that name.


Daily Addictions Prompt: IDENTITY