The Last Call


Photographer Unknown

The last conversation I had with my Aunt took place a week or so before she died.
She told me, in that call ” don’t bother to have dreams, they never come true. Especially for people like us. “
I remember her voice was strong, clear and determined. She really  needed for me to understand ‘our’ place in the world before she left it.
I remember my answer.
My voice shook a little when I told her-
 ” Okay. “


Now You See It-and Now You Can STILL See It

Growing up I used to have a really neat tropical fish aquarium and my fish of choice were the transluscent or ‘invisible’ fish.

Of course, I liked the idea you could see their insides,, but what I found charming was that even though they looked delicate but they were the fin nippers so you had to watch who you put into the tank with them.

That long ago hobby of mine has led me to be intrigued by anything in nature that looks like it was made of glass. For example I ran across a story about these flowers- the wonderfully  named ” Skeleton Flowers ” They turn to ‘invisible’ when they get wet.

Diphylleia grayi, also known as the skeleton flower, has white petals that turn translucent with rain. When dry, they revert to white.

The ocean is full of invisible creatures, I could watch them for hours. To bad I can only see them on TV.

Translucent Comb Jelly Fish

I thought I would close with this video of a Glasswing Butterfly. I’ve always thought of butterflies as flying spiders. Nope. I have no idea why. But the idea of a flying spider that you can’t see? Come on, how awesome is that?

It Was So Dark

This morning there was a power failure in Puyallup, Washington

It was eerie at the train station but not because of how dark it was …

Photo A.M. Moscoso This was all you were going to see- smudgy outlines of buildings and trees.

but how quiet it was.

I shot this on the train platform and you would never have guess that there were close

to 80 people standing around me.

Normally you’d hear people talking or background noise like phones.

I guess they were afraid if they made to much noise the monsters would get them.


Why was the power out?

Well the stories I heard were entertaining.

Some people said there was a gun fight and that a stray bullets took out the

transformers. Yeah. Not even close to reality, but Puyallup has it’s share of

Gunhumpers so their minds ALWAYS go there.


Next up- the homeless guys did it-because in Puyallup the homeless guys ALWAYS do

it. To make themselves feel better they make it clear these homeless people are from

Seattle, so it’s not really a Puyallup problem. Yeah well, a big part of Puyallup was

sitting in the dark since 10:30 last night until close to seven this morning so claiming

claiming that ” Seattle did this ” isn’t going to keep the food in your fridge cold, is it?


The reality was around 10:30 p.m. Monday, wire thieves cut down a power pole that

then fell onto another power pole, knocking out power to 11,000  addresses.


So being that people on the train were telling stories, I’m going to add to that effort:


I’m willing to bet these thieves  were local good ol’ boys driving those big trucks that I

have learned are call ” Bro-Dozers” I’ll bet when those poles came down at least one of

them recorded it on their phone because people are STUPID.


I may not be close to being right but that’s ok. I got a little insight into the human

psyche this morning and to a writer, that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Want To See Something Really Scary?

These are the kinds of films that make me wish I could write screenplays.

I grew up hearing stories like this first film ” The Medium ” and with that I learned about, pacing, the importance of bringing images- sometimes a piece at a time-  like a jigsaw into your tale,  and the fact that the supernatural world exists in everything around us and that the line dividing the world of the living from the world of the dead isn’t really a line at all.

It’s more like a suggestion.

I did like both movie versions of the ” The Ring “,  but l loved the book more then both of the films. The book went into more detail  ( of course ) But the scripts were so well done that leaving those parts out didn’t hurt the story.

The screenplays for both films were excellent.

Not a horror film- but the screenplay- woof- fabulous writing: