Jazz Hands


It was one of those little moments in time that I recall at the oddest times.

First off I should say that I have always thought that the French executing Marie Antoinette was not one of their finest moments.

As a rule, anytime you parade a condemned prisoner through the streets for the amusement of the public you’ve crossed the line into Psychoville where you are now the Mayor,  the entire city council and the worker who waters the hanging flower planters that line main street.

A waxwork of Marie molding the death mask of Marie Antoinette

So this moment happened a few years ago, I was super busy at work and one of my co-workers was walking by my desk. I looked up and  he said hello, I said hi and when I looked down I saw that some of the paperwork I had just processed were for an order of his that had been overnight  shipped to us- so it was a priority order.

I called out to him that I had his paperwork ready, I handed it up to him and as he turned to face me he did this  Miss America turn, complete it with jazz hands and with his chin in the air and his eyes closed, he said to me. ” My hand’s are full. ”

Then he did this showgirl flounce and walked away from me empty handed- unless you count the fact he was still doing Jazz Hands.

Madame Tussaud Chamber of Horrors

Like I said, I didn’t approve of what the French did to Marie Antoinette but I get it.

I really do.

You can only suffer  Jazz Hands and Spirit Fingers for so long before you snap.

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