What Did He See?


Photo A.M. Moscoso

I am sure there was nothing out there

watching me and my dog.

I am sure it was nothing

that made him snarl

like a nasty ill tempered cur.

Maybe it was only  the wind

that made the bushes near the fence stir

maybe it only a bird or  mouse

that cried out and stopped suddenly  silenced perhaps by the chilly nighttime air.

I am sure there was nothing out there

that isn’t there during the day.

But I still don’t know what it was

Hamish saw

that turned his eyes dark and fiery red.


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The Best Dog

Photo A.M. Moscoso

On New Years Morning

on the first day of a brand spanking new year of which I was excited to see in the night before

I found these balloons  tied into a bunch and resting on the side of the road.

It looks like someone had written all of the negative ideas, thought and images from their head onto these brightly colored balloons and then let them go to

where I  found them, waiting for me on the side of the road like roaches surprised when you flip a light on unexpectedly.

I  could see that every stroke of the pen had left something dark, something depressing that someone wanted to let go of and they did during their wonderful night of festivities and in the end all of their emotional vomit ended up at my feet scrawled in black sharpie on cheerful pastel colored balloons the next morning.

Depressing right?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

But then my dog, Hamish jumped on one and then the other and started to pop them, one by one.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I made him stop because I wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting a mouthful of balloon and he looked up at me with impatience and dare I say concern?

Photo A.M. Moscoso

My dog did not stop until each of those little brightly colored vicious monsters from inside of someone’s  head  that had been turned  loose on an expecting world that New Years Eve because they wanted to be rid of them were destroyed and when Hamish  was done we put them in the recycle bin where they would not spoil

anyone else’s walk on a bright beautiful morning

of a brand spanking New Year.

You’re Welcome Universe.

You owe my dog.

You owe him big.


“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” — W.R. Purche

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This is my kitchen counter.

This is where my delicious Deep Dish Apple pie was set out, waiting to celebrate New Years Eve with me and my family.

I even bought fresh cream to whip  for  fluffy dollops of whipped cream to  eat on the side by ginormous spoonful’s    put  on top of my warm and golden deep dish apple pie.

This is my dog,  Hamish Macbeth.

Fun fact.

My sixty pound, four year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever can eat an entire 11 Inch deep dish apple pie all on his own with zero upsets to his tummy or digestive system and still have room for his dinner with absolutely no problems.

I have come to one conclusion based on this stunning experience-and it’s based in science.

My dog is a TARDIS.



The Ice Cream Cone

Photo of Hamish Macbeth
by A.M. Moscoso

This is my dog Hamish, I write a lot about him here at My Bones

He’s pretty great- a little naughty at times but as long as he doesn’t try to steal anyone’s car or create a fake profile on Facebook, I figure why stress it?

He’s a good dog and he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Unlike some people I know- myself included.

So here’s something that Hamish does when I get in late.

He leaves his favorite toy in the window- it’s an ice cream cone and it smells like strawberries.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

When I walk in I can see it there and I always go to the window and pick it up and say to Hamish, ” Look, it’s the best toy ever and it looks like an Ice Cream Cone- how great is that?”

If I put it down right away Hamish will pick it up and throw it at me- which if you’re not ready for it, that toy of his is solid plastic and it will hurt upon impact.

So I carry it around for a bit and when I see him I tell him I love it.

Then he carries it off to his stash where it stays until I find myself coming in late- but no worries because when I get it I’ll find the best toy in the world in the window.

My sweet reward from my sweet boy for coming home at last –  a  brilliant job well done.




Everybody Loves A Parade ( especially if dogs are involved )

I don’t do the shopping thing after Thanksgiving, but I do love a parade and today in  Seattle, WA was the Macy’s Holiday Parade.

This year my cousin and his Saint Bernard ( aka, my Cousin’s son ) Xavier got to march in the parade with their Saint Bernard Club-  before you ask the dogs weren’t carrying brandy.

Sorry parade watchers.


Here are a few pictures of them having some fun ( check out the smiles!)

Just as a side note, my cousin has been raising and training Saints since 1969 and I’ve more or less considered his  Saints as his kids.

It was a great way to learn about dogs- but it also skewered my sense of what big dogs are because anything smaller then a Saint is ” medium ” sized to me.

Weird right?

Anyway, here are the really sweet pictures I mentioned earlier:


John and Xavier


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