Hamish Macbeth and Darwin

Photo A.M. Moscoso

This is Hamish Macbeth, I’ve written about him a lot because I happen to think he is the most pawsome dog in the Universe.

Before I go on I will say that I know your dog is pawesome too – all dogs are. It’s science. Anyway back to my story about Hamish.

Hamish is very good at following rules and doing as he is told..but we sort of have a running battle going on.

There is one rule he bends at tests and probably spends a lot of time thinking about how to get around it.

It’s the house rule involving his big brother Darwin.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Hamish dumped this toy in front of Darwin and trotted off- but there is a method to his madness because the house rule is that Hamish is NOT allowed to go near Darwin’s food dish.

I had no idea that Hamish was eating Darwin’s food- I was giving Darwin extra because I thought he was just developing a robust appetite.

What I ultimately noticed was that Darwin’s weight was staying the same-even with the extra food he was taking in.

Hamish on the other hand put some weight on and his breath smelled fishy.


Photo of Hamish Macbeth
A.M Moscoso

So I noticed that all of the sudden Hamish was dropping toys around Darwin and walking by me with his best boy in the face world- note, he was nowhere near the dining room at these times.

Eventually I was so used to this toy routine that when Hamish added a pit stop at Darwin’s bowl, I didn’t even notice.

But I did catch on and now Hamish has taken to doing this:

He’s been lining up his toys by Darwin’s dish- doesn’t matter if there is food in the bowl or not. In fact, he’s left toys in front of the dish when there was food inside of it.

Plot twist.

I wonder what is coming next?


Hamish Gets Groomed

Over the weekend I was a teeny bit stressed because I  had to leave my dog, for the first time ever with people he didn’t know. He did great with them of course because he’s confident and secure- me, not so much.

I’d decided to take him in for his first visit to the Dog Groomer because, let’s face it a hose and oatmeal doggie shampoo and a quick brush when he runs through spider webs or goes crazy at the dog park and rolls around is better then nothing, right?

Well, I think it is but it’s not exactly thorough and my dog is awesome and deserves better from me

I’d found a great Vet Clinic and because Hamish Macbeth was so fond of the staff I decided to pull the trigger and get him groomed there.

Here are the results.


Homeschooled and home groomed BOL.

Photo A.M. Moscoso


I used the same camera for both all of the pictures- Hamish’s fur really IS that bright and shiny and since he had his ears cleaned he’s been holding then up more. Plus his pointy raptor nails are gone.

I loved the bandana they put on him, but Hamish’s signature color is pink so I’ll ask if he can get one on his next visit.

Photo-A.M. Moscoso

Photo-A.M. Moscoso

So Hamish will now be visiting his Groomer every eight weeks and before special occasions.-

From the smile on his face, I have the feeling he’s looking forward to it too!

A Girl’s Best Friend


A classic beauty, a sight to behold

if I were more like her

I might have known true love

I’d have been wined and dined showered with gifts

loved, cherished, coddled

only the sweetest truest kisses would have touched  my lips .


But yesterday my dog

put away his own toys

he can open doors and close them

he’s a very good boy.


I’m not a classic beauty

I’ve never been a sight to behold

but my dog thinks I’m pretty damn awesome

and that’s good enough for this girl.


Hamish Macbeth

A Dog’s World

RDP Friday: HIKE

Hiking with your dog, no matter where you go, will always be the best hikes that you will  EVER take

It is a fact, it is science.

To bolster my position on this matter, here are some fun things I saw with my dog Hamish Macbeth when we were out and about.

Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

Hamish is a rebel, a rule breaker, a kitchen counter surfer extraordinaire and he does NOT care

about your stupid signs:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

We found a DB once- well, he thought it was and I let him have his moment.

It was Halloween after all.

Hamish is still my BFF even after I took a picture of a dinosaur trying to bit his butt.

Well, it was a chalk dinosaur but we were in the moment so it was real and he really was not thrilled to have to sit when we could be WALKING!!!

Photo A.,M. Moscoso

We found a dog park where Hamish could run around in the woods and play wolf.

At this time Hamish thought he was a cat, but I don’t think the other ‘wolves’ caught on to his secret-

and neither did  the few people ( NOT pictured because they  thought it was funny Hamish wears pink and WHY would I want a reminder of them? ) who seemed to be distracted by the fact that Hamish wears pink and he is a boy dog.

Boo! Mean people, you blow.

Photo A.M Moscoso

After he saw the eyeballs, he tried to eat the eyeballs.

Then he peed on one.

It wasn’t one of his finer moments and they weren’t our eyeballs.


We took Hamish on a hike in Olympia, Washington and there wasn’t anything he didn’t love about that day. He also slept straight through the night, but that’s probably because he trotted the entire 2 miles.

Silly Hamish!

Just a boy ( well, Hamish and Luis aren’t boys anymore, but you get it )  and his dog and a bay on a warm afternoon.

Hamish was ready to hit the water and swim away.

Swim away to where? You might ask.

Anywhere Hamish would say.

Anywhere in the entire world.