Hamish Finds Paradise

Thursday Inspiration 61-Paradise

Life is paradise, and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

With all due respect to the great Dostoevsky, I know someone who has seen paradise.

That would be my dog, Hamish Macbeth.

I know he’s seen paradise because it shines from his eyes-even when they are closed.




Hamish Macbeth Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

I sing this song to Hamish because his Pupper Dad is named Leroy Brown.

Also, when I sing it to him, he grabs his toy that looks like a guitar and runs around the house with it.

Super cute, right?

Like I said, Hamish sees paradise everywhere and he hears it too.



Once, Spring Was Here

I was thinking about Spring- and how it’s sort of limping along and I tried to remember if I was ever excited about it making it’s rounds.

Here are pictures of my cat Blitzer, some wildlife and my dog Hamish Macbeth.

I’m thinking I used to like the promises Spring brought, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken these pictures. I think that each one sparkles with life.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso

RDP Tuesday: bloom

Larry and Buzz

I do have a few favorite pages on FB and one is called UPS Dogs.

UPS dogs are pictures of UPS drivers from all over the United States with pictures of dogs ( I have seen pictures of Deer, Goats once I think I saw a picture of a pig – which is pawesome) from their routes.

Recently one turned up that really caught my eye- and a few other eyes because with some slight editing it actually looked like a modern day Norman Rockewell print.

Check it out:

Larry and Buzz UPS DOGS

Larry and Buzz UPS DOGS

I Am Mabel

Meet Olive and Mabel.

They are my spirit animals and today they had to sit in on an on line conference call which is what a lot of  people are doing now days- except for me. I still haven’t figured out how to do that.

Olive and Mabel are hip. They know how to do this.



Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter conducted a video conference call with his two dogs Olive and Mabel to talk about their respective job performance.

Meet My Spirit Animals

We’ve seen those dog shaming posts on Facebook, well most of us have.

Meet two of the coolest dogs in the world- they don’t heckin’ CARE what you think and they don’t care what you say

Meet Mabel and Olive- they own ( and I mean they OWN ) a Scottish newscaster named Andrew Cotter…he makes noises about how these two pawsome girls have no respect for him and he is thinking about getting a cat.

BOL… I dare you  Andrew. Seriously. Go for it.


More on Olive, Mabel and Andrew at the link below:

BBC commentator Andrew Cotter’s hilarious dog videos go viral
While the sporting world has shut down, one commentator has delivered exactly the type of content the world needs right now.

Ripple Is My Super Hero

Today’s Burning Question:

Does Ripple care about your getting the weather forecast?

Ripple does not.

Ripple cares about having fun and even though Ripple could drag a full grown man around with little to no effort, he isn’t a jerk about it.

I love you Ripple.

You are my Super Hero.


The Smelly Dog Park

Fandango’s Provocative Question #62 What activities have you cut from your life since this pandemic started that you DON’T really miss?

Today I was considering what I have not missed since the Coronavirus showed up and I had to modify certain aspects of my day to day life.

But to be honest I didn’t have to modify it a lot.

In fact there have been a few upsides to this situation:

For example- I get more leg room on the train so that’s a big plus and I don’t have to make chit chat with my fellow commuters because I would rather be reading, but I also know you can get sort of weird if you don’t interact with people. So I put the book down and engage.

Another plus- there isn’t a lot of pushing and shoving out there because of the six foot rule. So that is a change that I really like. I’m going to hate to see that one fall to the side when things get better.

So what did I have to give up that I  don’t regret?


Think. Think Think.

Oh here’s one.

The Smelly Dog Park.

My dog’s favorite dog park is smelly. It’s not smelly for the reason you may be thinking.

It’s smelly because people like to smoke their weed and cigarettes’ there and you can smell the exhaust from the cars from the main road.

Its gross I hate it, but Hamish loves it because it used to be a kids playground and he likes to play on the slide.

So BC ( Before Coronavirus ) I would give in and take Hamish there because it made him happy.

But my joy that  The Smelly Dog Park is closed is short lived because it  will eventually re-open and I will go back to taking  Hamish there because he loves it and I’m a sap.

Until then, I’m loving this- just don’t tell Hamish.

Photo A.M. Moscoso