Hamish Had An Idea

My niece babysat Hamish this weekend and in the picture below are the same two toys out of the HUNDREDS ( he literally owns hundreds )  that he brought to her when she got there in the morning to take care of him.
Here is the skinny on  the toys in the picture.
The orange one is his Sea Horse. That’s my favorite toy. Whenever he brings it to me I say, ” Hamish it’s your Sea Pony! This is the best toy in the world!” Then I kiss it and hug it and keep it near me.
The other one is his Christmas toy, I make it sing for him- mostly songs I make up that feature his name and favorite words like “treat” and “walk” and “good boy” I don’t know why, but he really does like it when I sing to him.
So over the entire weekend Hamish would bring the same two toys  to Pualani, sit and look into her face like this:

Photo of Hamish By
P. Knapp

That intense look on his face is there for a reason.

When I’m teaching Hamish a new command or I want his attention right now  I tap the side of my nose and say, ” Hamish look “

I’m pretty sure Hamish was trying to tell Pualani something, he wanted her full attention  and my good boy fell back on his training to get his point across.

Hamish wanted his Mommy.

You know. I think my Hamish may have missed me last weekend- just a little.

Photo of Hamish Macbeth by P Knapp

2 thoughts on “Hamish Had An Idea

    • Hamish is a happy go lucky kind of dog but when he does serious stuff like this I have to wonder how much of that goofy behavior is for my benefit. Either way, he’s a smart boy and I am proud of him.

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