It’s What I Do


Years ago  I had a nightmare that was so vivid, I remember not being able to fall back to sleep and to this day I still remember each dark image.

My Aunt who passed away years ago was teaching a dance class.

Each of the  student dancers had numbers written on their chests in yellow chalk.

They were dancing inside of a chalk circle on the floor and at first I thought of a clock. My  Aunt said, ” Can’t you hear the music? How will you learn to dance Anita if you can’t hear the music?”

There was no music but I saw musicians  playing their instruments and  could see that they had sheet music on their music stands.

” I can’t hear anything.” I said to her.

She reached out and turned me around and I could feel her write something on my back.

” Can you hear it now?”

” What did you write on my back?” I asked.

” You have to hear the music before you can dance.”

” Why are you teaching dead people how to dance?”

She handed me her chalk and she said, ” It’s what I  do now  and one day you will too.”


I don’t know what she wrote on my back, or what kind of music was playing or why my Aunt was teaching dead people how dance.

But what she said still haunts me ” It’s what I do and one day so will you.

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This Dream Was Brought To You By…ME!



When I dream I usually wake up and think,

” Wow. Monsters. I can use that.”


” What the Hell? That’s the best my unconscious could come up with? I have GOT to eat more spicy food before I go to sleep”

Last night though I had this pretty un-Anita Marie like dream and it was pretty cool.


I was checking into a hotel- the lights were awful, lots of linoleum and it felt industrial. It was okay though because I was there for a conference and that was all I cared about. So I get checked in and all of these little things went wrong- one of my bags was missing, I lost some things but I couldn’t remember what it was I had lost.  I had even lost my agenda for the meeting, but like I said. It didn’t matter.

It was dark out but I found my way to where I had to go

The  meeting is in an old-fashioned movie theater. Everyone is upset because the agenda is missing but I don’t care. I take a seat and start to write one out and when I’m done I hand it to someone in the front row and I leave.

I go back to the hotel  and finally I get my key and my room turned out to be right next to the elevator- I wasn’t thrilled about that but when I opened the door there was this skanky couple drinking and doing drugs in the bed I was supposed to use.

They offer to leave and I tell them to keep the room, but they keep apologizing for being there and are trying to explain why they took  my room.

I told them to stay.I didn’t care I missed the bus to the conference and that I was late. I just wanted to get away from them.

So I go back and get another room- I’m even later now but I was having fun. I mean everything was going wrong but I knew what to do.

There’s a new woman working the Reception desk and she tells me that there is someone looking for me- she points out a window and I see this tall figure dark figure walk by-  ” that is danger ” she says.

” I want nothing to do with It. Send it away. ”

” It looks intimidating”

” I don’t want it here, send it away. ” I tell her and she nods.

Again I get another room, it’s on another floor and it’s by the elevator again and I open the door and there’s a guy in the room. He’s pretty friendly and offers to give up the room but I say it’s no big deal. And guess what. He has the stuff I lost so I take it and head back to reception.

I look in at what he’s handed me and it’s my phone and a key and a pen.

I decide to take my time  going back to reception when I make it to the lobby  and there’s bright lights- daylight I realize, its , morning and the entire building is in a uproar.

There’s police running around with guns and hundreds of people are panicking and trying to get out of the building.

I go the railing and look down into the courtyard and there’s a man sitting on the ground with a dog in his lap- the dog has a little cut in his forehead and the man looks up at me and says, ” It’s ok. He’s only sleeping.”

” What’s the matter with you people?” I yell. ” It’s not ok. He’s not just sleeping he’s hurt. Can’t you see that? Where do you think you’re all going?”

Everyone stops and looks up at me. ” This is not ok. He’s hurt. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares about some stupid crook? What’d he steal?”

” We don’t know.” The man with the dog says. ” He stole from us though. The man with the cane.”

” That’s not what matters. He’s what matters. Right?”

Everyone agrees- and the man lifts the dog up- and it’s a big dog. A Saint Bernard. But he lifts him up like he weighs nothing at all and the dog is as big as he is.

When I saw all of those people helping the dog, I felt like a super hero, like I had done something really important and that it mattered. The dog started to wake up and the cut was gone. And I knew not only was I going to get my room I was going to make the conference and this time it would be a real conference, not one where nothing really happened.


When I woke up I was in this amazing mood- I felt like I had won the lottery or  gotten the perfect haircut or fit into the most wonderful gown ever.

Like I said, it wasn’t an Anita Marie dream- lots of symbols, no monsters and I felt comfortable in this strange place.

I felt like one part of me reassured another part of me and they worked something out.

I do wish they had let me in on the conversation but I’m fine with wondering about it all.

Mysteries make life interesting.


Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

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