This Dream Was Brought To You By…ME!



When I dream I usually wake up and think,

” Wow. Monsters. I can use that.”


” What the Hell? That’s the best my unconscious could come up with? I have GOT to eat more spicy food before I go to sleep”

Last night though I had this pretty un-Anita Marie like dream and it was pretty cool.


I was checking into a hotel- the lights were awful, lots of linoleum and it felt industrial. It was okay though because I was there for a conference and that was all I cared about. So I get checked in and all of these little things went wrong- one of my bags was missing, I lost some things but I couldn’t remember what it was I had lost.  I had even lost my agenda for the meeting, but like I said. It didn’t matter.

It was dark out but I found my way to where I had to go

The  meeting is in an old-fashioned movie theater. Everyone is upset because the agenda is missing but I don’t care. I take a seat and start to write one out and when I’m done I hand it to someone in the front row and I leave.

I go back to the hotel  and finally I get my key and my room turned out to be right next to the elevator- I wasn’t thrilled about that but when I opened the door there was this skanky couple drinking and doing drugs in the bed I was supposed to use.

They offer to leave and I tell them to keep the room, but they keep apologizing for being there and are trying to explain why they took  my room.

I told them to stay.I didn’t care I missed the bus to the conference and that I was late. I just wanted to get away from them.

So I go back and get another room- I’m even later now but I was having fun. I mean everything was going wrong but I knew what to do.

There’s a new woman working the Reception desk and she tells me that there is someone looking for me- she points out a window and I see this tall figure dark figure walk by-  ” that is danger ” she says.

” I want nothing to do with It. Send it away. ”

” It looks intimidating”

” I don’t want it here, send it away. ” I tell her and she nods.

Again I get another room, it’s on another floor and it’s by the elevator again and I open the door and there’s a guy in the room. He’s pretty friendly and offers to give up the room but I say it’s no big deal. And guess what. He has the stuff I lost so I take it and head back to reception.

I look in at what he’s handed me and it’s my phone and a key and a pen.

I decide to take my time  going back to reception when I make it to the lobby  and there’s bright lights- daylight I realize, its , morning and the entire building is in a uproar.

There’s police running around with guns and hundreds of people are panicking and trying to get out of the building.

I go the railing and look down into the courtyard and there’s a man sitting on the ground with a dog in his lap- the dog has a little cut in his forehead and the man looks up at me and says, ” It’s ok. He’s only sleeping.”

” What’s the matter with you people?” I yell. ” It’s not ok. He’s not just sleeping he’s hurt. Can’t you see that? Where do you think you’re all going?”

Everyone stops and looks up at me. ” This is not ok. He’s hurt. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares about some stupid crook? What’d he steal?”

” We don’t know.” The man with the dog says. ” He stole from us though. The man with the cane.”

” That’s not what matters. He’s what matters. Right?”

Everyone agrees- and the man lifts the dog up- and it’s a big dog. A Saint Bernard. But he lifts him up like he weighs nothing at all and the dog is as big as he is.

When I saw all of those people helping the dog, I felt like a super hero, like I had done something really important and that it mattered. The dog started to wake up and the cut was gone. And I knew not only was I going to get my room I was going to make the conference and this time it would be a real conference, not one where nothing really happened.


When I woke up I was in this amazing mood- I felt like I had won the lottery or  gotten the perfect haircut or fit into the most wonderful gown ever.

Like I said, it wasn’t an Anita Marie dream- lots of symbols, no monsters and I felt comfortable in this strange place.

I felt like one part of me reassured another part of me and they worked something out.

I do wish they had let me in on the conversation but I’m fine with wondering about it all.

Mysteries make life interesting.


Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

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2 thoughts on “This Dream Was Brought To You By…ME!

  1. I am and it’s a great feeling!
    I also think you are spot on, I’ve been at odds with myself and in working on those things I guess I have discovered some new things about myself. But bringing those parts together is a challenge- but it doesn’t feel impossible. If feels like an adventure!

  2. What fun! I get a sense that your subconscious had a conference bringing together the parts of yourself that had felt at odds or hadn’t even known one another until now. And how elated you felt at the end – like new opportunity for collaboration within yourself was only just beginning. Still buzzed when you remember it now?

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