Can I Have A Word?

FOWC with Fandango — Din

Words and phrases dulled by constant over use, their flavor lost to the tongue, the sound

of them  are an assault upon tired ears, their sole purpose is to attack the  human digestive track without mercy.

Separately, collectively on social media or spoken live-

a constant din,

fouling the air more efficiently then any plague or smoke from raging fires could:


What not, what not, what not,


I know, right? Scroll On. Troll Alert!

New normal, FREEDOMS! Yeah But…

All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter,

Second amendment! Second Amendment! Second Amendment!

Literally, On the same page, Awesome Sauce!


A word salad  going bad in a bowl in the back of the refrigerator. I want to pretend like it’s not there, waiting for me to clean it out.



Strange Beginning and Odd Endings

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Odd

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I cannot  wake up

I cannot fall asleep

I feel like I am drowning on dry land

and if that is true there is probably a shark

watching me from behind a rock


a ghostly Pirate’s ship floating above my head – with a murderous thieving crew

watching me from the deck

waiting to strike

me dead.


We are on dry land and the rules of normal do not apply

to a world

where nothing makes sense and everything is Odd

and I am sure that Shark knows I am drowning, it knows I am weak.

It is  going to eat me.

I am sure of it.

If the Pirates don’t get me first.

Because I cannot wake up

and I cannot  fall asleep.