Daily Prompt


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


wp-1470369261626.jpgI belong to October

to cold dark skies and caramel apples and graveyards  surrounded by rusty iron gates.

I belong to October

to haunted houses and lonely figures looking for a ride home on unlit gravel roads.

I belong to October

to empty graves and creaking doors,black cats and poisons toads

I belong to October

to Jack O’ Lanterns with fire filled eyes, to costumes and masks and  salty roasted pumpkin seeds.

I belong to October

even in July.






They’ve made a Christmas movie about Krampus.

William Shatner is in it.

It’s called a  Christmas Horror Story.

Santa is an Ninja who fights Krampus.

A little kid stabs his dad in the hand with a fork

And Santa’s Elves turn into Zombies.

I…I need a moment to reflect on this ….a horror movie about Christmas? Well. Krampus is a traditional Christmas story . But forks and hanging and blood? wait….I’m reflecting on this…still reflecting….


I’m done.