Made You Look

 Google Map image showing a close-up of a “grate” on the side of the Cedar Moah Center for the Arts, 44857 Cedar Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534. A video has gone viral showing a “little girl” trapped.

The gallery confirmed the little girl is in fact an art installation, and one of many dotted around the area.

In a tweet, the gallery said:

A while back, a video of this little girl went viral on TikTok.

She is part of a series of murals around Lancaster BLVD titled #isitsafe by Dan Witz.

Come visit the BLVD and see how many others like it you can find.#Museum #661Lancaster #Art #MoahCedar

— MOAH:CEDAR (@moahcedar) March 20, 2021

Dan Witz

You know, if  that Tweet alone  isn’t a good beginning to a horror story, I don’t know what is.

Happy Caturday From My Bones

Do you know what I  love about cats?

For the most part they don’t really like most people.

That is what I like about cats

they are sensible creatures.

A macabre version of macabre kid’s song by the Macabre Minstrels

Show Me The Love

Fandango’s Provocative Question #108 –How do you feel about Valentine’s Day


How does the girl who once won in a landslide,  an ” Ugly Dog ” contest- that’s the contest were a bunch of guys ask girls out and vote on who’s date was the ugliest-  feel about Valentines Day?

I hate Valentines Day.

Full stop.


 I think Valentine’s Day is bunk. I will always think it’s bunk. I hate it with a passion, which is a funny word to land on, all things considered.

However, the idea about hearts, especially free floating ones tickles my fancy.

So why all you lovers are making merry with chocolates and fancy underwear I can find fun on this day of love too.

Well. More like ” make fun of “.

Still, I guess it makes me feel included in the festivities too. So I guess there is that.

Now  in keeping with the holiday

On to some heart related videos.