Made You Look

 Google Map image showing a close-up of a “grate” on the side of the Cedar Moah Center for the Arts, 44857 Cedar Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534. A video has gone viral showing a “little girl” trapped.

The gallery confirmed the little girl is in fact an art installation, and one of many dotted around the area.

In a tweet, the gallery said:

A while back, a video of this little girl went viral on TikTok.

She is part of a series of murals around Lancaster BLVD titled #isitsafe by Dan Witz.

Come visit the BLVD and see how many others like it you can find.#Museum #661Lancaster #Art #MoahCedar

— MOAH:CEDAR (@moahcedar) March 20, 2021

Dan Witz

You know, if  that Tweet alone  isn’t a good beginning to a horror story, I don’t know what is.

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