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Putting My Feet In Dirt September Prompt#12 Genuine Genius

Photo A.M. Moscoso

When Hamish runs across something that has startled him or confuses him, he sits and looks at my chin. Its part of his training, when I want his attention I point to my chin and say “look”.
He did this several times on our walk Saturday morning.
I think the smoke is affecting  the scents he normally picks up on and it is causing  a drastic enough of a change to cause him some sort of distress or confusion and by coming forward and ‘looking’ he was waiting for me to give him a command to help him navigate this ‘new ‘ situation.
In the last couple of years when when we had fires and smoke coming in and it was this heavy  we didn’t walk, we went to our dog park so maybe that’s why  I didn’t notice this behavior.
Today I read that the smoke coming in contains ‘tar’ from wood that’s not completely burned. From what I learned this toxic smoke cloud is historically  bad and maybe that’s what Hamish was reacting to and the fact that during the past fires and  the ensuing smoke we just went out back and hung around in the park had nothing to do with it.
Our walks this weekend our now considerably shortened to potty breaks.
Good Boi Hamish! Your Mom believes you are a genuine genius!

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Recently my friend lost his dog and the loss was sudden and heartbreaking. It made me think of the first time my dog and I really looked at each other and how that moment has been with me for the last six years- and how it always will be with me. It’s etched on my heart

Hamish Macbeth 2014 by: A.M. Moscoso


Will you protect me from the monsters?

Will you shelter me from the rain and loneliness

will you never use my name in the same breath as a curse or in anger?

Will you be my best friend forever? My Puppy’s heart asked mine the first time I looked into his eyes.


I am promise, I said.

I swear it.

Okay, Hamish said, ” I believe you.”

“I trust you.”

Hamish Macbeth 2020 Photo A.M. Moscoso


Word of the Day Challenge: Trust

Regret Smells Like Cilantro

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

It was inevitable, the temptation became too much and the Noble Hamish Macbeth gave in to his dark desires.

Last Thursday, shortly after The Lords of Dominos delivered their precious offering to our home and it was placed on the kitchen counter so that we may all reflect on the majesty that only a deep dish mushroom pizza with a buttery crusty holds the Devil whispered in Hamish Macbeth’s ear and Hamish fell from grace.

Hamish waited until the room was clear and then as if he had sprouted wings he surfed up to the realm of “Get down from there ” and clamped in his jaws down on the object his joy and desire and then, now wingless he fell to earth in more ways then one.

The box as if it being blown open from the hottest breath of wind from Hades itself, opened slowly before him and he devoured all but one slice of Pizza, which he stepped on after I pried it out of his jaws.

I fell to my knees and wept, ” Seriosly Hamish? The entire thing?”

Hamish burped.

It smelled liked cilantro and regret.

But Hamish saw the error of his ways after being told sternly ‘ That was a mean thing you did Hamish. It was bad. Really bad. See if I order in pizza anytime soon”

The words touched Hamish’s tummy and he knew grief and despair in that moment and he set out to make amends.

Hamish Macbeth is now known as Brother Hamish Macbeth from the Order of The Counter Surfing Labradors. The Brothers of this order were all counter surfing Pizza Thieves in their previous lives but have now devoted their Lives to being Good Boys WHO STAY OFF OF COUNTERS AND DON’T STEAL ENTIRE PIZZAS.

They only ask for meager slices of pizza crust, which they promise not to enjoy. If you give them a slice though they promise to reflect on their previous wicked ways with each bite they take.


Brother Hamish Macbeth by Anita Moscoso
Brother Hamish Macbeth by Anita Moscoso

FOWC with Fandango — Inevitable