Happy International CATDAY 2022

Today is International Cat Day!

Today I’m remembering my cat Wolfgang A Mozart who thought he was a dog, his best friend was a Raccoon and he raised two puppies

who in turn grew up acting like cats.

You were the best Wolfie and I’m glad we had each other.

Wolfgang-10 weeks old

Wolfgang- 10 Weeks old


Wolfgang aged 18

2 thoughts on “Happy International CATDAY 2022

    • I’m glad you and your wife enjoyed my post! Here’s a funny twist of fate- Wolfie came from a small town called Granite Falls- one of Luis’ passengers had a cat who had kittens and Wolfie was one of them. So that is how he came into my life. In 2014 I made a trip up to Granite Falls and bought Hamish from a breeder who lived a few blocks from where Wolfie was born. I still get a smile from that.

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