The Ragtag Daily Prompt is SNAKE.

Think about it, if you must. Write about it if you want. Focus a picture, if you like…


Snakes were involved- both in mind,  body…and spirit


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Career Day!

When I was in the third grade- I would have been about nine years old at the time

my teacher had something like ‘career day’ for our class.

We were supposed to write a theme about the kind of job we wanted  have when we grew up.

I knew at that age EXACTLY what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to either be a Captain of my own Starship, just like Captain Kirk and my backup ( though we didn’t use that phrase back then ) involved horses, because really, all little girls love horses, right?

I wanted to be The Headless Horseman- I wanted to ride a scary demon horse and chase people around on Halloween and try to cut their heads off.

I was deadly serious on both counts.

I read books about astronomy and I tried like the Devil to find anything involving NASA- which wasn’t easy because anything Space related was on TV ( my family were not big newspaper readers, so that resource wasn’t an option) . The biggest challenge for me then, was that back then most houses had one TV, and the kids weren’t in charge of it- except for maybe when Saturday Morning cartoons were on, which to be honest I was never interested in.

Plus, when I even whispered anything science related I was told not be a ‘know it all’.

My teacher- who went on to be a failed Christian Missionary- hauled me out into the Hall with my report- it had a giant red ” F ” on it and stapled to the front was blue slip my papers had to sign to acknowledge my bad grade.

” Anita, you are a fool. Do you understand that? ‘

My takeaway was that he said I was a fool and made foolish decisions but I had no right to make him or the class he was teaching about something as important as  CAREER CHOICES look foolish. He suggested I think, I consider janitorial work or waitressing as options and that if I had any sense  I would re write my report and turn that in with those options  instead of ‘ this’ he waved my report under my nose.

I was so angry at him I was ready to go full on Headless Horse Kid on him right then and there.

No doubt it was an awful position to be in because I was the only one to get an ” F ” and everyone  in my class would know it because our Teacher put a graph on the blackboard showing who got what grade on our ‘big’ assignments.

I never re-wrote my paper and I never took the blue slip home so I got that big giant lonely  “F”

Still, that wasn’t the worst part of this entire issue.

I wasn’t sure, you see,  what he considered  to be a more foolish choice- my choice to become an astronaut or my choice to be a demonic head hunter.

RDP Monday: FOOL

Problem Solved

If you are odd

like me


if you are strange

like me


if you want to fit in

like I do-



What do you do?


You can smile like


and you can

pretend to

like coffee and Reality TV

like I have

you can wear flip flops in the summer

and funny sweaters in the winter

and when something dark and wicked

pops up in your brain

and eats at your bones and makes your hands twitch and your eyes burn


just smile

like I do

and pretend to like coffee and Reality TV

like I do

and you wait until

it is dark


really smile

in your bathroom mirror


all of your teeth

Like I Do.



My Little Kite

” I want to sail free, like a kite” she cried  in ecstasy

from the bridge



up into the clear blue  sky

of someone else’s  Spring

which had come  to her surprise

late in her Winter.


Winter agreed

who joined her on the bridge



And Winter came to her

as it will always has for us all

in the form of a woman

dressed in black

and Winter roared

in ecstasy

as she pushed her off of the bridge



to the gray, cold water  below,

” Fly my little kite. Soar. “

RDP Saturday: KITE

Goodnight Midge

Photo by Steve Johnson on

” I think there is a monster in my closet ”

her daughter, Midge said for the one billionth time.

” No there isn’t. ” she told her daughter Midge- otherwise known as the kid who never got into bed when she was supposed to and could always find a way to avoid it.

” Mommy, I’m not fibbing. I think there is a monster in my closet. I think it has big sharp teeth and horns and knives for fingers.”

Midge pulled her fluffy pink comforter up to her chin and five of the twenty or so plush kittens she slept with tumbled to the floor.

” Mommy! Save my babies!”

Brenda leaned over and started to pitch Midge’s babies back up onto the bed. Her hair, which needed washing fell into her face and she could  see her yellow sweatshirt had popcorn kernels stuck to it.

She couldn’t remember when she ate popcorn last.

” Mommy. ”

” No Midge. No I am not going to check your closet for monsters.”

” Why not? Don’t you love me?”

” No. I mean yes. Of course I love you. But I’ve been checking your closet for Monsters  every night since you were three years old and you’re seven now. Midge I’m tired of looking into your closet to check for monsters.”

Midge sniffed. ” It’s not like there are a million monsters. There’s only one, I think. Please. Please check.”

” Look. Just give me a break. I’ll tell you what. I’ll watch your babies and you check the closet for the Monster.”

Midge’s eyes went from little pools of blue light to gigantic saucer sized orbs. ” What if it gets me?”

” It’s never gotten me. Go ahead. I’ll wait and you be a big brave girl and check.”

Midge slid her comforter down and slid out of her white and yellow canopy bed.

She padded past her tea set and dollhouses and her shelves lined with dolls and books about fairies and princesses.

When she got to her closet door she reached for the knob and she turned to her Mother. ” If the Monster gets me, you’ll be sorry.”

” I’m sure you will be safe. Go on.”

Midge turned the knob and pulled the door open and then  a gust of warm air sent her flying forwards and she landed with a soft thud.

The door slammed shut.

” Mommy! Mommy help! The monster got me, the monster got me!”

Brenda  put her back against the closet door and slid to the floor. ” Actually Midge, ” said Mommy as she pushed a lock of hair behind one of her horns freshly sprouted horns with the shiny knife at the end of her finger that she hardly ever popped out anymore because she was too busy driving her daughter to dance lessons nowdays” The monster doesn’t want you! ”

Photo A.M. Moscoso

RDP- Sunday–Closet



Photo A.M. Moscoso

Once upon a time

a storm moved through here

and made this place it’s own.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Did it use lava or ice or snow

did it race through or walk through

these now ruined hills

did it take away it’s victim’s bones

to feast upon later?

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Could it have been held back,

could it have been fought off?

The scars it left behind


I wish.