Sea of Trees


Sea of Trees

It has been estimated that every year 100 corpses are found in the  ” Sea of Trees ” in Japan and that about a half mile into the forest traces of human life like debris left behind by hikers  begin to disappear-  in fact at that point the hikers- some of who had every intention of coming back out  disappear too.

It because the forest is so dense.

But my mind always goes to the trees themselves- maybe it goes there so that I won’t spend a lot of time thinking about what goes on under them or from their branches.

My mind goes to damaged trees- trees damaged through acts of nature or human carelessness.

I remember learning that when a tree is injured it will bleed pitch to close up it’s wounds and I have to wonder-are the trunks of the trees Aokigahara as smooth as glass


do they feel like any tree in any forest where people do not go to give up the ghost.

Photographer Unknown

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