I Still Wonder


From the Colossus of Rhodes  to the statue of Zeus at Olympia, of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient world only one remains…

The Colossus Solis Artist: Philip Galle Date: 16th–17th century

Olympian Zeus in the sculptured antique art of Quatremère de Quincy (1815).

The Great Pyramid of Giza is all that is left of the Ancient Wonders.

Great Pyramid of Giza -The Last Remaining Wonder of the Ancient World

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I memorized the Seven Wonders and read every story I could find about them. I even wrote my own stories and vowed that one day I would visit the places where they once stood.

Well. You know. Maybe I will one day.

Ad Deir (“The Monastery”)- Petra

I’ve chosen pictures that I’ve liked from the New Wonders, not necessarily the image of the sites voted on- and I’ll explain why-

From what I understand there are now 7 new sights that have been declared The New Seven Wonders and though I don’t disagree that these new wonders are magnificent in their own right, I can’t help to feel that-


they’ve been logged, recorded, and their images have been used in political photo-ops, travel commercials and backdrops in countless movies

there isn’t a lot of room for ‘wonder’ to take place- which I guess is a little sad to me.

Chichen Itza -The Jaguar Throne inside the Temple of Kukulcán (“El Castillo”) pyramid is red and inlaid with jade

On the other hand, the two New Wonders that I’ve pictured above do have a little magic and maybe- if I’m lucky I’ll hear a story or two coming from their way.

After all, a million people voted  on these sights and made them our new Wonders and a million people can’t be wrong, can they?



Chosen by over one hundred million votes- HERE

Of Cats and Mice

RDP Tuesday: Cattails

Cornelis Visscher, The Large Cat, 1657

I used to tell my cat, Wolfgang, all of my secrets.

We would go outside and sit under a tree on a bench that wasps tried to nest behind in an old wooden fence post that had been strangled to death by Ivy at some point in my house’s short suburban life.

Wolfie would let me put my lips to his ear, the one on the left side of his face and when I think he found something funny in what I said he would twitch it and it would tickle my nose.

His ear didn’t twitch a lot, but when it did I would lift my face away from his head and look around the yard and when I was sure no one else was there, I would take a breath and continue.

One day I said, ” no it’s really true and it is not funny-”

Then I heard my husband say ” what isn’t funny. ”

He must have come through the house and snuck up on us. He was always doing that to me and Wolfie when we were chatting.

Wolfie jumped out of my arms and landed with a hard thud on the bench next to me. His ears were flat against his head. He whipped his tail around his body and the end of it twitched- or maybe it’s more accurate to say it quivered.

” Did I interrupt something? my husband said with a laugh. ” It looks like you guys were having a pretty intense conversation there. You two do that a lot.”

He tried to keep his voice light and happy.

He failed.

I sat there with my hands knotted in my lap. I looked up. ” We do what a lot. ”

” Sit out here and tell secrets. ” his voice had a little edge to it. ” to your cat. I’ll bet you talk to him more then you do to me.” his laugh was forced and sounded hallow.

Just then his phone rang in his pocket and he reached into it, took it out and looked at it. ” It’s the Office. ” he babbled. ” I have to get it. ” he tried to not run to the other side of the yard, But of course he did. When he got there he kept his back to us.

Wolfie stepped back into my lap. He lifted his head up to my lips and his ear rested against my chin.

I heard my husband say loudly so that I could hear” No. No. I can’t make it to the meeting because- ” his voice lowered.

I whispered into Wolfgang’s ear, ” He can’t because you’re here. ”

Wolfie’s ear twitched against my lips and nose and I finished what I had been telling Wolfie before my Husband had so rudely interrupted us. ” When the Cat’s Away, the mice do play, but I think it’s much better to poison the little bastard so that the Cat doesn’t have to hang around the house all of the time. What do you think?”

Wolfe turned his face up towards me and he closed his eyes the way cats do when they are very, very happy.

Then we both looked towards the other side of the yard where my husband was and purred.

The Well Behaved House


If I were to wander around aimlessly without a map or Google Earth to guide me, I’ll  bet I would find an abandoned house with a rusted iron gate wrapped around it like one of those pinch collars you put on a dog to try to control it because-

you can’t managed it when it gets out of control and it won’t heel unless you yank on it hard enough to take it’s breath away.

I’ll know there are houses like that, haunted and abandoned houses just waiting for you to come up to it’s gate preferably at night and it’s just waiting for you to try to master it-

it really wants you to try.

So it might swing it’s gate open just wide enough to let you in.

Apparently this house that  wouldn’t show up on a Map or Google Earth ( not that I would know because I wouldn’t have those things on me, remember? ) Just wants to be friends and if it doesn’t there is that fence to remind me that there is a line between it and me and that I can cross back over it anytime I want.

So sorry House, I would say to it, if I were to run across it one day- I don’t think I’ll be visiting you anytime soon.

But I might just stand across the road from you and see who does.

As you and I know, someone always will because-

you are just an old rotten house with a chain around it’s neck and if you cause any trouble someone can just yank on it really hard and make you heel.


I think that’s pretty funny thinking too, 

my haunted and abandoned friend.




Family Games

RDP Sunday: Game

” Easy Come, Easy Go “
Jan Steen

Like most kids who grew up in the 1960’s-70’s board games were the thing and I played them all-

Monopoly, Mousetrap, Sorry!, Headache, Battleship and my hands down favorite: Barrel of Monkeys.

I was bad at almost all of them- oh why mince words. I was bad at every single one except for A Barrel of Monkeys. The reason wasn’t exactly a mystery.I was bad at strategy games because I was so little.

I could read like a champ by the time I was 6 years old so I could actually play the games but I didn’t understand how to plot my moves. Which made sense.

Anyway by the time I understood strategy, I was off board games because I had spent two solid years of always and I mean ALWAYS losing at them.

Except for Barrel Of Monkeys.

In the end though, I hated that game to and it had nothing to do with wining or losing.

Some of the less enlightened members of my Dad’s side of the family had taken to comparing me to ” a screeching monkey. ”

Back in the 60’s and 7O’s calling someone who was not white a monkey  were fighting words and you bet it had racist over tones. Even little kids were hip to that fact. You couldn’t have caught calling anyone a ‘monkey’.

Still, I got called a screeching monkey so often that I ended up hating my favorite game, I refused to visit the Primate house at the zoo ( which probably wasn’t a bad thing because at that time the Woodlawn Park Zoo was not a happy place for the animals that were kept there.)It’s not like that now, now it’s pretty fantastic but I digress.

I had a hard time looking at any primates- living ones or toys because when I did all I heard was- ” Oh Anita, you smile like a screeching Monkey, Oh Anita, you look like a screeching monkey” etc etc etc.

None of that was true, but what was true was that I didn’t look like my blond blue eyed cousin, who FYI were never referred to as screeching monkey- or even monkeys in general even though she  was always running around full bore and if you didn’t watch her she would stick her hands in the food and even ruined a Wedding Cake because she ‘wanted a taste ‘.

The rest of my cousins on  were ‘ high spirited’. But even though I was quiet and my manners passed my Nan’s behavior tests ( which was not easy ) I was the ” Monkey. ”

Sometimes I am tempted to play board games- which I was surprised to find are popular again. But I just can’t.

And that does make me sad- because Barrel of Monkeys IS the best game ever.