Bring It On Home

Today’s RDP is RAPTOR
When I was a kid my best friend Ronnie was big on dinosaurs and his favorite dinosaurs were raptors.
Because Ronnie and I spent a lot of time together I learned all about raptors- first being I’m glad they’re all dead and they won’t be coming back. Those animals were the stuff of nightmares and I’m pretty sure if they turned back up for any reason they’d wipe us out before dinner time.
On the other hand, we  have the smaller feathered cousins of  the dinosaurs flying around and by that I mean birds.
Birds of prey feed on vertebrates that’s mammals, reptiles and smaller birds ( which makes them cannibals but I’ll touch on that in a moment )
Being that it is so close to Halloween I thought I would bring this prompt  on home and point out that Witches do the same thing.
They fly around, they feed on vertebrates and some of them feast on other witches- especially the ones that smell like sage and patchouli ( bwahaahaaaa).
Happy Halloween- and a word to the wise- if you are out around the witching hour this weekend, I don’t know- gee- maybe you SHOULD NOT be out and about unless you can run as fast – and I do mean very, very fast.

Photo by Pumpkinrot

Photo: Pumpkinrot

Photo By Pumpkinrot

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