The Sounds of The Silent No More

These are clips of sounds- odd, interesting and in some cases scary ( Yay and Hoozah! ).

I find some them frightening because I have the sense that these are sounds ( in some cases ) that we were never meant to hear- but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t meant for somebody else


maybe somebody else is someone you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark road, or climbing out of the ocean when you’re all alone on the beach or falling on you from a sky full of fire.

Today’s RDP word is ‘ horror’ and I can write about that all day long. But I thought it would be interesting to post something that can show you what leads me to that place I go to find my stories.

Check these clips out and see if you find them as inspirational as I do.

Anita Marie


Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Fire in the Sky

Have you ever wondered what the sky looked like on Mars? Pluto? Maybe even Uranus ( lol, had to do that ).

Well, inspired by today’s prompt I found some portraits done by the great Space Artist, Ron Miller who answered the question- What does the Sun look like from different worlds?

I hope you enjoy these pictures, they are really great and I think they’re inspiring too.


” Mercury ” by Ron Miller
” Venus ” Ron Miller
” Mars ” Ron Miller
” Jupiter ” Ron Miller
” Saturn ” Ron Miller
” Uranus ” Ron Miller
” Neptune ” Ron Miller
” Pluto ” Ron Miller
Ron Miller