This Is What Democracy Looks Like! Oh Yeah! UH-HUH! CLAP CLAP CLAP

I can’t imagine calling up a speaker that you invited to share an important message and life experience(s) and saying:

Oh by the way, we have to cancel. There are a bunch of people who are mourning the loss of the White House and we are going to let them talk about how they feel.

Never mind the person who was slated to speak could have done a lot to make a lot of people who had no idea they ( oh yes they ) had just been marginalized by people ” who looked like them” and were already feeling betrayed and intimated ( and they had every reason too feel that way).

In that moment that group of predominately white suburban progressives had an experience they could have shared  with someone that was not from their side of the fence, for that moment they stood on common ground  with a member of  another community (which is what they work hard to do ) and the decision in that moment   to run back into the proverbial  ivory tower and weep.


This reaction shows that there is a lot of work to be done not in just understanding how a crude buffoon who brags about grabbing women by their P*&^% got into the White House but how it was so many people thought that it was okay.

I think this action by  The Chair is the beginning of understanding how that happened.

It’s a shame that when there was a chance for us to do right by each other, the action of one person dirtied that chance up.




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It’s My Party and I’ll Call It Out If I Want To

Stand For Children and their checkbook had devastating consequences in the 2016 Primary in the First Legislative District in Washington State.

Supporting Stand For Children’s “democratic” candidate because Democrats feel they need to “save the seat for Democrats”is a forgone conclusion

First LD Democrats  need to wise up to the fact we  that lost  seat  when Palumbo advanced to the General- with Stand For Children pulling his leash.

I’ve  been told that the Republican Party considers the seat “won” No matter who wins  the seat in the First LD General.

Part of that certainty, I’ve been told from reliable sources,  came from Palumbo himself.

I supported and endorsed a Republican, (Mindie Wirth)for this seat because she ran a clean, open and honest campaign.

Guy Palumbo did NONE of those things.

Mindie did- she has been honest about her positions and who she is since she began her campaign

I could have cast my vote silently for Mindie, or been a party person and voted for Palumbo or silently no voted and took it for the team.

However, I know that Mindie will put the First above Party…and in turn I felt I confident I could reach across part lines to support her.

Please consider doing the same.

The Terrifying Crop-Guy Palumbo’s Legacy



Claudius: What’s the matter with us, Herod? These are the children of my noble brother Germanicus. How could it happen?

Herod: Well, you know what they say about the tree of the Claudians: it bears two kinds of fruit: the sweet and the bad.

Claudius: Well, they’ve certainly had a terrifying crop this season.


This quote from ” I Claudius ” by Robert Graves perfectly sums up this campaign season-  we’ve seen it played out in all of it’s toxic glory on TV, Social Media and on bumper stickers.

But for me and my family this ‘terrifying crop ‘ of fruit  fell from a tree in our own backyard


During the Primary  a fellow “Democrat”  running for the same seat as one of my family members ( Rep Luis Moscoso) ran a negative campaign that not only was designed to attack Luis, it was designed to attack me and our sons as well.

It was effective and not only was Guy Palumbo rewarded by a place on the ballot, he managed to cast a dark cloud over our entire family.

I’d say ask Palumbo why he had to attack our family, but from what I’ve learned in my dealings with Guy over the years-

he might give you an answer…

but there is no guarantee what he will tell you will be the truth or that you’ll get the same answer five minutes later.


In the end, my so called ” friends ” in the Democratic Party told us that it was too bad this happened, they knew none of the negative campaign spin was true and gee they’re sorry but,  ” You need to get over it and support Palumbo. WE need to save that seat for the Democrats.”


To coin a phrase- I feel like certain Democrats in the Snohomish County First Legislative District grabbed my Family by the p&^*y  and they honestly don’t think that there was anything wrong with what they’ve requested of us.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say they feel entitled to have made that request.


What follows is my Letter and Link to the source that was published by The Herald today:



On behalf of Rep. Luis Moscoso’s family, I strongly disagree with The Daily Herald Editorial Board’s decision to endorse Guy Palumbo in the 1st Legislative District. I also feel that the editorial board’s description of this race as “bitter” is a gross understatement of what really happened to my family.

Specifically, your endorsement is a slap in the face to me and my family who were affected by the dirty and libelous campaign that Palumbo waged during the primary.

Palumbo knows that what goes on the internet stays on the internet. His use of social and print media depicted Moscoso men as being culturally groomed to beat women. And I was drawn as the mother who stood by and did nothing because, according to Palumbo’s messaging, this sort of behavior is “cultural.”

The heinous stereotype that Palumbo used to get a spot on the ballot this November was despicable and both he and his consultant should be ashamed of themselves for using it.

In this toxic and hateful campaign season, it’s easy for one to think Palumbo stooped to these low campaign tactics during the primary.

The fact is Palumbo didn’t stoop to anything — those are his methods and I believe I have shown he has a proven track record of using them.

One should look very carefully at Palumbo’s integrity and character during the primary before taking into consideration The Herald’s endorsement of him when casting their ballot in November.

Anita Moscoso

Mountlake Terrace



Article Containing Representative Moscoso’s Statement about NOT endorsing Guy Palumbo


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A dirty little guy

built a dirty little house

of mud and bile and hay

and when the dirty little guy

finished his dirty little house he cried out to his friends,

” Let’s Play!”


The dirty little guy and his dirty little friends

ran straight into  the dirty house made of

mud and bile and hay.

They slammed the dirty door behind them

they jumped up and down

they could not stop yelling,

” Hooray!”


The dirty little guy and his dirty little friends

wished with all of their dirty might


they could stay in the dirty little house

forever and a night.



What do you know?

They got their dirty little wish

 the blazing bright Sun had baked them inside!

They are trapped in there now

and will never be free


the dirty little guy’s house

made of mud and bile and hay.