This Is What Democracy Looks Like! Oh Yeah! UH-HUH! CLAP CLAP CLAP

I can’t imagine calling up a speaker that you invited to share an important message and life experience(s) and saying:

Oh by the way, we have to cancel. There are a bunch of people who are mourning the loss of the White House and we are going to let them talk about how they feel.

Never mind the person who was slated to speak could have done a lot to make a lot of people who had no idea they ( oh yes they ) had just been marginalized by people ” who looked like them” and were already feeling betrayed and intimated ( and they had every reason too feel that way).

In that moment that group of predominately white suburban progressives had an experience they could have shared  with someone that was not from their side of the fence, for that moment they stood on common ground  with a member of  another community (which is what they work hard to do ) and the decision in that moment   to run back into the proverbial  ivory tower and weep.


This reaction shows that there is a lot of work to be done not in just understanding how a crude buffoon who brags about grabbing women by their P*&^% got into the White House but how it was so many people thought that it was okay.

I think this action by  The Chair is the beginning of understanding how that happened.

It’s a shame that when there was a chance for us to do right by each other, the action of one person dirtied that chance up.




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