Thank You For Proving Us Right, Facebook

Yesterday I was thrown off OF Facebook for a day because one of my Cheeto Sucking Facebook Friends on my Private Page reported me, yet again for posting something Anti Trump.

This time Facebook threw me off for a day and stripped me of my communication line to the rest of the world ( LOL- dudes I have THREE blogs).

Here’s the deal.

I was nailed for Hate Speech.

Did I call for the Death of Twitler? Post pictures of him hanging in effigy  and pictures of him squatting in a hut- oh wait that was what REPUBLICANS did to President Obama because “Murica and Freedoms etc. etc. etc. and they could do HATEFUL, Racist stuff like that.

Nope. I most certainly DID NOT say or do anything like that.

I posted this Meme- with quotes from Twitler Himself with pictures of the people he was talking about- The Very Fine People and The Sons of Bitches

Facebook in their infinite wisdom declared this ” Hate Speech. ”

Well. Sure. It was hateful. We all know that. We were pointing that out.

So when are they going to throw the man who uttered these HATEFUL  words through the same mouth that agreed with Howard Stern who asked it was okay to refer to his daughter as a Piece of Ass  “,  off of Facebook?

Last time I looked he was threating WWIII on Twitter as well

Call me a stickler but I’m pretty darn sure he’s violated a few TOS along the way here.

So while Facebook checks into Twitler’s Hate Speech which has sucked all of the air out the known Universe and considers booting him off too-

I’ll be right here  at my blog.


And doing what I do.

Writing ALL about it.



Excuse Me For Not Getting Up

Photo A.M. Moscoso

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Facebookville.

I was kicked off of it for the day.

I posted a meme of Twitler’s quotes- one was where he called NFL Players who took to their knee ” Sons of Bitches ” and the other was in praise of the Neo Nazi’s in Charlottesville  ” good people ” he called them.

The picture was of the Neo Nazi rioters and the NFL players who were kneeling.

It was a compare and contrast meme.

So my question isn’t  who is the troll on my private wall- but when is Facebook going to ban Trump for ‘hate speech?’




Her Name Is Anita (updated)



One of the most powerful images to come from the hearts- and hands- of Americans who are not on board with a Trump Regime is this one:

The  defiant lady in purple- or as she is called ” Resistance Auntie “

Her real name is Anita.

 I took it as a sign.

As of late, I’m more inclined to say what I think because I am  sick to death of patiently listening to people tell me, ” that’s nice Anita, but THIS is what WE need to take care of  today ( this comes from my white Democratic friends who don’t want to deal with what they call ” identity politics “)

Here’s the deal.

We ARE going to deal with things like race in the Democratic party and race in the Progressive movement right now- not later because I am going to bring it up, wirte about it and Facebook book about  every chance I get.

Why NOW?

Because I said so.

that’s why.

I have smiled and indulged your excuses when you ‘white ‘splain ‘ Politics to me and  I  tried ( God knows I have tried )  to see things ‘ your way’ and guess what.

It did not work.

So go patronize a Chuck E Cheese or your favorite Coffee House.

There is work to be done because of that crazy man squatting in the White House.

As the saying goes,

 ” Shit just got real.”




Anita Marie Moscoso

Daily Post: Resist 

OK Everybody, Out Of The Pool



An Open Letter To Trumps Voters:

Dear Trumpsters,

You chose to vote for a man who feels that he is entitled to grab a woman by her “pussy” because he is a ‘star’,  you chose to vote for a man who tells the world he would ‘ date his own daughter’ if they weren’t related, you voted for a man who goes on Twitter and gets into fights with people who don’t have the codes to nuclear weapons. I’m hearing a lot of theories about why white women voted for him, theories about why Bernie Bros didn’t vote for Clinton  and how  it was all President Obama’s fault.

Your excuses about how this was all about Making America Great  are just as pathetic as the kid who claimed a dog ate his homework.

Still, we were expected to ‘understand your pain ‘ and to try through diplomacy to find a way to work with you.

What an epic failure THAT turned out to be.

So from this day forward I refuse to cut you slack, I will not be diplomatic.


After eight years of having a Black Man as President you were so sick and desperate to have your place BACK  in the Wal Mart check out line of life  that you were willing to literally burn the house down  in order to form a more White and Comfortable Union.

The demented thing is, you never lost your place in line- you were able to call for the lynching of President Obama and his family,  some of your fellow citizens were executed in jails and on the streets BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN and you got away with it! Even more pathetic then that, at every turn, after every ‘pussy grabbing” stunt on YOUR part to derail President Obama and this Country,  you could slap an “R” on your forehead, wrap yourself in your ” Don’t Tread On Me ”  Flag and claim all you were doing is protecting your “FREEDOMS”

Stop with the outright lies, we are beyond that now. You didn’t Vote for Twitler to  “Make America Great Again” you voted for him because you want to ” Make America White Again.” You wanted to make sure that every single uppity American who forgot who was really in charge to feel the pain and learn their lesson and never forget THEIR PLACE again.

But if you think you won’t eventually find yourself down here under the bus with the rest of us, you are wrong.

All we’ll have to do is wait for you to turn on each other- and given your reckless decisions up to this point, I am confident it will happen sooner rather then later.




Daily Post: Exposure




No. No. No.


Today on Facebook I learned that Martin Luther King JR. was actually a Conservative  who would not approve of Black Lives Matter, that Rod Serling was also a Conservative who would have never voted for President Barack Obama and that God intended ice cream should only be enjoyed by the privileged and NOT by people on Food Stamps.

I have also read posts on Facebook where people are “asking” their ” friends” to not post all that hateful stuff about President Elect Pussy Grabber aka Twitler aka ‘ That Weirdo Who Has A Thing For His Daughter’.

To that I say- Twitler has gone to your brain if you’re even entertaining the idea that you can ask anyone to ” be quiet ” Seriously, do you know how patronizing that is? You as an individual do not get to “ask” me or anybody else to stop expressing themselves because you don’t like what you’re hearing. Hey, here’s an idea. Stick your fingers in your ears and chant ” la, la, la ” for the next four years.

Besides, who knows how much longer this freedom of speech thing is going to be around for- so you know, might as well smoke ’em will you got ’em.

I have also learned that President Obama is the reason Twitler got elected- you know that idea oozes so much stupid that it’s going to cover the Earth with enough  dumb to throw off  the Earth’s center of gravity  and our planet will flip on it’s side just like Uranus ( that’s science kids- no joke ).

So guess what, today I’m done with putting up with Twitler’s little Twits.

I’m going to call BS on every single thing Twitler says and does.

How long can I keep this up for?

I’m a writer baby.

And I can keep this up all day long- all day long.


Daily Prompt: Marathon

A Good Idea Is A Good Idea

Trump’s White America are demanding that we now set aside ‘Political Correctness’. Especially in the area of speech. I have read from various sources and been told in person, that we’d all be better off if we could refer to people by ‘real world terms’ like N#!@%$ and those golden oldies that described, Asian, Mexicans, Women and Gay people.

If we all get down and say what we think it levels an uneven field that many Americans feel they have been shuttled off to and disrespected every step of the way.

So of all people Trumpsters will fully support me in what I’m about to say here. In fact, they’re going to love it. They have to. This is me talking to you on ‘real world’ terms.

Donald Trump is a crude, classless bore. He is a hateful racist who does not care to know how the world around him functions or that the human beings who inhabit it will indeed ” bleed if you prick us “. If he can reach into your pocket, and grab your last nickel and then slam your daughter against a wall stick his hands between her legs in celebration  he will because damn it, he is ENTITTLED.

We have learned the hard way in this election that the American Dream is to be a RICH WHITE MAN with a model/soft core porn wife who doesn’t say word- not even when the rich white guy in question says he’d “date” his own daughter and then makes his daughter First Lady when he is elected president.

Frankly, if that had been my real dream, I wouldn’t have come right out and said it either.

It’s down right disturbed and in polite PC society dreams like will get you an invitation to see a therapist so I can see why people have been holding back on that.

Trumpsters, you can claim Democrats are just sore losers, but the reality is you have elected a twisted hateful deeply disturbed man who has a thing for his daughter to the Presidency and in YOUR shame you expect the entire world to shut their eyes and go to YOUR happy place.

This is not going to happen.

In Trump-Speak: Trump is the turd in YOUR punch bowl- you drink from it. While you greedily down that mess he rest of us will do what we can to maintain the last shred of dignity left to us by the  ’16 Election.


Gee Trumpsters it is TRUE.

Saying what you really think is AWESOME.

Thanks for the tip.

Daily Post: Uneven