Thank You For Proving Us Right, Facebook

Yesterday I was thrown off OF Facebook for a day because one of my Cheeto Sucking Facebook Friends on my Private Page reported me, yet again for posting something Anti Trump.

This time Facebook threw me off for a day and stripped me of my communication line to the rest of the world ( LOL- dudes I have THREE blogs).

Here’s the deal.

I was nailed for Hate Speech.

Did I call for the Death of Twitler? Post pictures of him hanging in effigy  and pictures of him squatting in a hut- oh wait that was what REPUBLICANS did to President Obama because “Murica and Freedoms etc. etc. etc. and they could do HATEFUL, Racist stuff like that.

Nope. I most certainly DID NOT say or do anything like that.

I posted this Meme- with quotes from Twitler Himself with pictures of the people he was talking about- The Very Fine People and The Sons of Bitches

Facebook in their infinite wisdom declared this ” Hate Speech. ”

Well. Sure. It was hateful. We all know that. We were pointing that out.

So when are they going to throw the man who uttered these HATEFUL  words through the same mouth that agreed with Howard Stern who asked it was okay to refer to his daughter as a Piece of Ass  “,  off of Facebook?

Last time I looked he was threating WWIII on Twitter as well

Call me a stickler but I’m pretty darn sure he’s violated a few TOS along the way here.

So while Facebook checks into Twitler’s Hate Speech which has sucked all of the air out the known Universe and considers booting him off too-

I’ll be right here  at my blog.


And doing what I do.

Writing ALL about it.



Excuse Me For Not Getting Up

Photo A.M. Moscoso

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Facebookville.

I was kicked off of it for the day.

I posted a meme of Twitler’s quotes- one was where he called NFL Players who took to their knee ” Sons of Bitches ” and the other was in praise of the Neo Nazi’s in Charlottesville  ” good people ” he called them.

The picture was of the Neo Nazi rioters and the NFL players who were kneeling.

It was a compare and contrast meme.

So my question isn’t  who is the troll on my private wall- but when is Facebook going to ban Trump for ‘hate speech?’




Her Name Is Anita (updated)



One of the most powerful images to come from the hearts- and hands- of Americans who are not on board with a Trump Regime is this one:

The  defiant lady in purple- or as she is called ” Resistance Auntie “

Her real name is Anita.

 I took it as a sign.

As of late, I’m more inclined to say what I think because I am  sick to death of patiently listening to people tell me, ” that’s nice Anita, but THIS is what WE need to take care of  today ( this comes from my white Democratic friends who don’t want to deal with what they call ” identity politics “)

Here’s the deal.

We ARE going to deal with things like race in the Democratic party and race in the Progressive movement right now- not later because I am going to bring it up, wirte about it and Facebook book about  every chance I get.

Why NOW?

Because I said so.

that’s why.

I have smiled and indulged your excuses when you ‘white ‘splain ‘ Politics to me and  I  tried ( God knows I have tried )  to see things ‘ your way’ and guess what.

It did not work.

So go patronize a Chuck E Cheese or your favorite Coffee House.

There is work to be done because of that crazy man squatting in the White House.

As the saying goes,

 ” Shit just got real.”




Anita Marie Moscoso

Daily Post: Resist