Flashback To The Indiana Toilet Monster

I wrote about the Indiana Toilet Monster in 2008 and I decided to republish it for  Fandango’s Flashback Friday to honor the  brave souls her brought about Toilet Paper Scare of 2020. These curious Souls who were told their lives were in danger from an unknown strain of Covid  and collectively they  decided toilet paper….TOILET PAPER would save us all, so they ran out and bought as much of it as they could and caused a shortage of, yes.

Toilet Paper.

Let’s get to it:

The Indiana  Toilet Monster

First published in 2008

The toilet monster is a girl named Carmen who was pushed down into a sewer by her classmates and died. Carmen Whitehead lived in Indiana, so the story goes- and for some reason it’s important to mention that so I did.

Okay…back to the story.

So shortly after Carmen meets her death in the Sewer this post shows up at MySpace:

If you don’t repost this saying:

They Pushed Her Down The Sewer

Carmen will get you…

To fill you in, Carmen from Indiana will come up from your Shower or Toilet and drag you down to where she is in the sewers and then she’ll kill you.

I think it would be way more efficient to kill you first, chop you up into bite size pieces and then flush you down the toilet.

I did however enjoy this story with it’s murder teeny tiny murder planning  flaw because I can’t help but to wonder how many of you will think about Carmen The Indiana Toilet Monster the next time you visit the smallest room in the house.

I think that’s pretty darn funny.

Urban Legends…. they are more then amusing stories they are the gift that keeps on giving.

Demonic Kleenex Ads

Clyfford Still

Clyfford Still

” Do you think this is creepy? ” my friend said in an email with a link to this commercial for Kleenex from Japan.


Probably not I thought before I skipped over the link.

But then I hit play anyway-

just like they do in the movies:

There’s an Urban Legend surrounding this commercial- all the way from the entire crew  is dead and that the actress committed suicide ( not true ) to the story that the baby is a demon ( who knows- evil chuckle ) and to top it off there’s story that the commercial was pulled by public demand because people found it and the weird way the song has been recorded to creepy.

You know, I wish this was the story hitting social media here in the states instead of Creepy Clown hysteria- .

In my mind the scariest things are the things that we ALMOST feel and that we ALMOST hear or see from the corner of our eye.

Just something for you to think about when you try to get to sleep tonight and your nose starts to run

and you reach for that Kleenex.