Why Hello There Dacelo Novaeguineae



Meet The Dacelo Novaeguineae aka The Laughing Jackass

My Friend Heather Blakey created her own version of the 12 Days of Christmas at her website ” Waiting for Godot “.

She featured the Kookaburra on the 1ST day and the more I looked into this fantastic creature, the more I fell in love with it! In fact, if you read her article there’s a neat project you can do involving studying animals- it’s suggested that if you study an animal a week for 52 weeks you’re going to learn a huge amount about the animal world.

I don’t know about you, but most of what I see about the animal kingdom pops up on my Facebook newsfeed so I could probably stand to broaden my horizons by  A LOT. I think I’ve seen enough baby goats,  Husky puppies that sound like they can speak human and cats being, well CATS to last me a life time.

So with a healthy  dose of newly minted  curiosity I thought I would peek around and see what I could learn about the Kookaburra for starters.

The bare bones- It is a hunter and it’s call is so unique that its used in films about the Australian bush.

I was curious about that so I went and found some recordings of the Kookaburra’s call:

Personally I thought that if you could go back in time and record dinosaurs they’d sound like the Kookaburra. Then as you finished taping a dinosaur would dive out of the sky or drop from a tree or leap from a lake and that would be the LAST thing you’d hear. But I write spooky stuff most of the times so YES I just went there.

Kookaburra’s aren’t small birds- the Laughing Kookaburra can grow to 15 inches long and they can live up to 20 years. It’s beak can grow to four inches and it is carnivorous. I mean of course it is, right?

That’s probably why their populations are stable- though I think it has a lot to do with that wicked sounding laugh. In fact, people have modified it a bit to emphasize that magnificent call


So today I learned that there is a bird with a wicked laugh that hunts snakes and other birds and some of them will not only learn to take food from your hand-

they will swoop in and steal it from your hand too.

I’ll bet it laughs as it soars back up and away into the sky with you lunch in its beak.

The Kookaburra is my Spirit Animal. I just know it is.

Last Sniff Of The Deceased


Embalming Fluid.

It comes in various colors- including blue and pink.

Sitting in their plastic bottles, embalming fluid looks like the syrup they use to make Slurpees.

It doesn’t smell like it though.

To bad I used to think, I’d love to go out smelling like a Blue Meanie Slurpee.


Today  I learned, ( oh happy day!)  you CAN go out smelling like a slurpee- or any other fruit drink of your choosing:

pierce-slider-nxt-gen-v3What do you know- dreams CAN come true!

Daily Prompt: Scent


wicked me

Say what you think

be who you want

with determination


you will be known



Bad Girl On The Block



speak softly

Keep your eyes down

if you don’t

You’re going to become

The Bad Girl On The Block


Do I want to be known


The Bad Girl On The Block?

Why not?

I already am.

Soul Food Cafe Visual Journal: Bad Girl On The Block




Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso


I am really excited to be able to share that an Interview I did at The Creativity Portal was posted on their website over the weekend.

The Creativity Portal is a great source of inspiration for creatives, I’ve used the prompts there in the past and have recently made them a part of my daily writing routine.

So if you have time, please check out my interview as well as interviews by the other writers and artists that have been featured there- all of the interviews have links to websites and those sites are full of information and experiences that are bound to inspire you.

Believe me you will be glad you took the time to explore the many Portals that are just waiting for you to enter and have FUN!

Photo A.M Moscoso

Photo A.M Moscoso



She Took Poor Edward To Hell


Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt





I’ve been having a debate with myself-

I tell stories, take pictures and write poems but the one thing I haven’t done is really talk about me- you can see and read the result of my inspiration (S) but not much more then that.

Even when I do open the door and let people catch a glimpse of me, I tell a story about what you see.

I really do enjoy blogs where writers and artists drop posts about their lives and what is going on in them- that is brave and honest.

Does this mean I’m neither brave nor honest in my writing?

I really do struggle with that question.

I’m of two minds, you might say.

Just like Poor Edward Mordake.

Edward Mordrake: Fictional AMERICAN HORROR STORY

Edward Mordake: Fictional Version From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake was said to have had a face on the back of his head- it spoke to him, tormented him, drove him to  suicide.

Sometimes I get how that feels- to have one part of you war with the other part- who will win? Does it matter?

In Edward’s case it did.

In mine I think it keeps my blog- my writing from being fully realized.

I’m not sure I care for that- not one bit.

Do you agree or disagree?

So I’ll just throw it out there- answer of you want:

My blog is about writing and to a lesser degree photography ( I feel my pictures tell their own story, so I don’t consider myself a budding photographer- it’s just another way to write as far as I’m concerned )

Does going off on little essays ( I guess  that is what this is ) add to my blog, to my writing. Or does it distract from it?

Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section- or if you write about it post the link there too. I would really like to learn how other Writers approach this.

Anita Marie

Edward Mordrake From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake From
American Horror Story




Here Come The Drums

You’re like Voodoo baby,
You just take hold.
Put your cards on the table baby,
Do I twist do I fold?

Let’s just say that someone- like me for instance- has been a voting Democrat since she was 18. That she served as a Recording Secretary for the County Dems, that she was President of a Chapter of  the Women’s Democratic Federation. She has served on a steering committee for a former Presidential Candidate and local candidates and all of the sudden pulls back on the reigns on what has been going on in her Party and says, ” What the HELL is going on here?”

Well. I’d be curious to know what’s going on.

So I decided to write about it today.



My LD has a Facebook page where this is  proudly posted on it’s cover page:



For the most part I thought that was true- and then a few months ago I was completely BANNED from the page. I couldn’t even see it.

The Chair of our LD said he had NO idea why that happened- it was a mystery to him. Of course, the fact that a member of my family was being challenged by the Chair’s BFF  in an upcoming race had NOTHING to do with it I am sure.

Eventually I was allowed back on- though the Chair to this day has no idea HOW it happened because NOBODY did it.

What I hadn’t realized that the banning had started just before the Primary and continued long after it was over.

Eventually it was easy to see that the individuals being banned and who were having their party loyalty questioned, who were being cyber bullied, who were being invited to butt out of the conversation were not supporters of the Chair’s BFF.

Long story short- The Chair’s  BFF made it through the Primary but not everyone was in love with the outcome- and they started to express it in Social Media- because that’s the new Town Hall as you may have sussed out.

My friend posted a letter on the page written by a person who was not going to  be supporting our Chair’s BFF- the author of the letter was Peter Evans and my friend Vince was the person who posted it:


Here was the response from one of the Administrators:


You’re like Voodoo Honey
All silver and gold?
Why don’t you tell me my future?
Why don’t I sell you my soul.

So the  this is how the Chair and his lil’ gang are getting their candidate’s message out: they are trying to silence by censorship anyone who disagrees with them- let me be clear- they’re not slapping duct tape over the mouths of Republicans. They’re doing it to their OWN.

So here’s the LD’s new game plan:

If you walk their line and say what they want- you get to be a Democrat with the Blessings of the Chair of The First LD and his BFF.

They MIGHT even let you have your say.

Just a little advice: I’d hide that Voter Registration Card if I were you- never can tell when  you’ll be asked to turn it in, though I have a sneaky feeling I know who will be doing the asking.

So here it comes – the sound of drums.
Here comes the drums, here comes the drums?