Ta-Dah! I Have a Plan

Anders Zorn
“Isabella Stewart Gardner in Venice”

With all of the discussion about   Facebook turning into toilet land I thought it might be a good idea to start blogging  the ‘fun stuff’ that I did on facebook- you know those fun comics and stories and random things I write or think about that don’t really fit on My Enduring Bones.

Now straight up I have to say, I have WP’s Business plan- that  is not cheap but it has what I want so I’ve got it here for My Enduring Bones.

However, I don’t want to use my Creative Writing Blog for random posts and I don’t want to have to pay WordPress anymore in fees because I already pay  them around $300.00  and that is all I’m willing to give them.

Plus, I’m not crazy about WordPress’ templates or their ‘block editor’ because those things are great if you’re setting up a website but not so great if you’re writing. I mean you can make them work, but ” make them ” isn’t exactly a phrase anyone in retail would use when selling a product.

The business plan allows me to access a plugin that lets me use the old editor theme, but I do post on another blog that doesn’t have that option so I have to use the block editor and I really, really hate it. But I can ‘make it work’.

I don’t see any reason to purchase another plan for another blog that I want to use for fun  the way I used Facebook.

I went over to Blogger.Com which I used back in the olden days of blogging and opened up a couple of new blogs- for free. Plus it’s a Google thing so I don’t have to spend a lot of time shifting my media around because I can tap right into it.

I know that a lot of WP Bloggers don’t like the fact that Blogger dropped its subscription option, but in my case I have a ton of subscribers but I don’t get tons of hits so I really don’t rely on that to determine the health of my blog or to grow it.

My biggest complaint about Blogger is that I  have to set the font size before I start to write because if it’s to small or big I  have to select all of the text and then change the size. It’s like working with an old school typewriter- which is no big deal because I used one of those for over 10 years

There’s probably a way to address that but I haven’t got around to figuring it out yet.

And for the most part their Blogger.Com themes are limited but  I really don’t care . You can dress them up a little,  but what counts is that they’re basic and they work. But like I said, I used Blogger.Com for years and years so I just had to take a refresher course ( of sorts ) and familiarize myself with the changes.

So where is this all going?

Well. I hear the pain, people who are blogging for a hobby don’t want to pay WordPress which is going down the ‘pay to play ‘ route especially since it looks like WordPress is shifting their focus to web design and not necessarily writing.

Me paying extra to be able to access a format that is writer friendly is proof of that.

For now I’ll keep my plan here, but I’m dipping my toes into Blogger.Com water because it doesn’t hurt to learn or re- learn new things and who knows- if I’m out there trying out new things I’ll be in a better position to see what new things might turn up.


Here are my two new ” For Fun ” blogs.

One is shaping up as a fun to jot down ideas or art  about Macabre stuff-


and the other looks like I’m going to use it as a freewrite journal:


5 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! I Have a Plan

  1. I have the free WordPress and I finally found a way around that $$%%$%@#$ block editor. I create a new post and then save it as a draft. I go back to Posts and click all posts. Then I open the post draft and click “classic editor”. Then it opens into the old fashioned editor (or at least an editor that I understand).

    • I think you can select option before you begin. Here’s another thing. If you
      Change your theme, you have too use the blocks. Not fun. But I could get a plug in to change that option back to classic. Of course you have to have the business plan and it will only work for that one blog.

      • I thought there was a way to set it up in classic editor when you create a new post, but I just can’t find it!

      • When you’re on the edit screen, up in the left hand corner of the screen next to your icon is a plus sign. When you click it you’ll see all the block options. The first group are the text options. You’ll find classic text in that group. Click it. On your edit screen under Title you’ll see a bar with ” classic ” Click anywhere next to the word classic to get your tool bar to appear and there you go.

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